The Spirulina Health Benefits - The 'Jewel of the Orient' that's possibly the ultimate superfood.

Upgrade your beverage to the next level with a spirulina smoothie. The spirulina health benefits news is making headlines.

Spirulina powder in a smoothie.Rake the Spirulina Health Benefits in a form of smoothie!

Spirulina Health Benefits:

  • Spirulina's nutrient density is very high. It's been said that it's consumed by Aztecs way back when for nutrients and sustenance.
  • It has protein, vitamins, iron, Omega 3's and B12
  • Spirulina superfood is known to have the highest level of nutrition than any other food.  

This pitcher of yum may taste a wee bit fishy but it is way superb when it comes to nutrient content. If you are worried about protein, this stuff is 60% complete protein and totally digestible.

It's not fish, it's a blue green algea that's packed with total nutrition. It comes from either salt water or fresh water. 

Make friends with this blue green algae because it's an excellent source of Vitamin B-12. So, there's no worry about being deficient of this essential vitamin.

How about Omega 3s? Yep, it has that stuff too!

Watch your energy and vitality soar without the caffeine. Spirulina smoothies can be your Incredible Hulk's drink!

This chlorophyll-laden algea is known to be responsible for life's formation on Earth way back from the beginning of time. Its medicinal and nutritional properties are used worldwide. 

This algea is one of the oldest form of plant life on earth. So, with that in mind, put a teaspoon of it into your drinks and absorb all that spirulina health benefits.

Most people who drink this blue-green microscopic life form experience a boost in overall well-being. It is said that it is by far the most nutritious food known and it's backed up and supported by different scientific studies. 

Just think, if the fish is known for it's incredible Omega 3 fatty acids that's so good for you, where do the fish get their Omega 3s from? They get it from algae such as Spirulina!

  • 1 tsp of Spirulina Powder
  • 3 Apples (any kind)
  • 6-8 fresh dates
  • 3 frozen or fresh bananas
  • a handful of fresh or frozen strawberries or any berries will do
  • 1 cup nut milk (soy or almond) - you can use water to get the blender started
  • Half a lemon without the skin
  • Ice cubes

Note: The quantity of the ingredients in this recipe makes a full pitcher of yum. If you want to make just half of it, reduce the quantity of the ingredients to 'half' of listed above.

No need to soak the dates. They will get pulverized in the high speed blender.

Cut up the apples and put 'em in with the rest of the ingredients and blend away until smooth.  The apples and the dates will put the fishy taste of the spirulina powder in camo making it sweet and tasty.

The look is super blue green. Sweet and icy. Nice and frothy. Want a boost of energy? Make this super nutritious drink. This is a different sweet treat. 

NOTE: Spirulina comes in tablet form too, but why lose all the fun? Make this spirulina smoothie!

So make this drink and think of the concentrated chlorophyll and microscopic form of life that's so good for the digestive system as it is so easy to digest with compounded nutrition in every gram.

Just one teaspoon of this powder makes a really nutritious green smoothie! This green algea looks like the incredible hulk's drink and can make your body feel incredibly good!

Spirulina is said to have the highest chlorophyll content of any known plant on the planet and it has been known as the superfood with great health benefits from detoxification, purification to rejuvenation.

Worried about your Omegas? Have this beverage every few days. They are much tastier than those rancid pharmaceutical vitamin pills... plus it's very filling too. It's a meal in itself with lots of added benefits.

So, before you ask where vegans and vegetarians get their protein... and Omega 3s, read up on these blue-green tiny little microscopic plants first. It's 60% complete protein and by far the highest source of Vitamin B-12!

So now that you know about the spirulina health benefits, dare to try some in your next smoothie.

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