South Indian Vegetarian Recipes - They're sizzling in Japan!

Japan is famous for sushi, that we know. But do you know that South Indian vegetarian recipes are cooking up in there as well? Let's make your mouth water, shall we? 

Would you like some traditional South Indian vegetarian recipes cooked for you? Go to Japan, Yokohama to be exact. I mean it. They're not just in India. 

Hand stretched Naan served nice and warm in a real Indian restaurant in Yokosuka Japan.

I love Indian food specially this ever simple Naan. Yup, the hand stretched  garlicky type, warm and fresh from the oven served to us in a cozy little Indian restaurant outside the US Navy base in Japan.

This hand stretched Naan with a vegetarian dip and a tasty side dish of yellow rice with just the right amount of seasoning can be your South Indian vegetarian recipe you should really look for in an Indian cuisine. It surely hit the spot when I was traveling in Japan close to the vicinity of the U.S. Naval base in Yokosuka. 

We totally dig this Indian food and my sailor said that he goes there every so often because the food just taste so good and authentic.

How we found it? We didn't. We were on our way to the commissary and we got hungry. We knew that the place has the good stuff.

Indian vegetarian food in Japan

My sailor just knew where to bring us - a secluded humble little restaurant that serves authentic South Indian food that'll make you go weak in the knees!

My husband and my son ordered a cold  glass of Indian beer to wash their meals down while water was enough for me. You would think Indian food are spicy for my taste buds but this meal was just perfect. It didn't make me cry. I was all smiles ear to ear.

We love this meal so much that we repeated this when we went to Yokohama in Tokyo. Yes. The Indian food in Tokyo  were really tasty! The next time I go and visit, I will be looking forward to eat more Indian veggie food.

Yeah, I know about the vegetarian facts, rules as well as the do's and dont's of becoming a vegetarian. But when you are traveling in a foreign country, you just cannot read every single label on the menu specially if you cannot speak or read the foreign language.

Japan is a fish eating country and it is Asia so I definitely can live there in a heartbeat. Though sushi is not a Japanese vegetarian food choice for me.

As a vegetarian on travel, I was pescetarian there. I ate some fish but I just had to say NO to raw sushi a.k.a sashimi. Uh-uh. I am Asian as well that's why I prefered Indian vegetarian food. 

So yeah, I am not perfect, never. I ate fish in Japan. That's my confession. I am Asian and I grew up on fish. I love my vegetarian food but I don't go crazy when I am on travel. That's my idea of a healthy vegetarian diet. Although, a vegetarian traveler have lots of choices, but that's if you can read or speak the language. 

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