Soursop Juice - Kills cancer cells 10,000 times better than chemo?

Cancer is a no kidding matter! It's an awful wrath to humankind. It's been on headlines these days that soursop juice can zap cancer cells deliciously. You make the conclusion.

Soursop or Guanabana JuiceSoursop Juice or smoothie from a delicious ripe fruit that grows in a tropical climate. This fruit is not too sweet but it's sweet enough to be eaten when fully ripe.

Soursop or Guanabana or Guyabano juice has been claimed to kill cancer cells 10,000 times stronger than the conventional chemotherapy according to headlines.

Well, even if you disagree with the claim, eat a soursop fruit and have some of this delicious soursop juice anyways.  

Eat some guanabana or soursop and decide for yourself. There's no medicine that's as tasty as this!

Fresh Guanabana FruitsPile of Guyabano fruits a.k.a Soursop or Guanabana
  • Half of the soursop fruit (Why half? 'Cause half of it was eaten as is.) Use the whole fruit if you want.
  • 1 frozen banana
  • Raw unfiltered honey to make it even sweeter and double the healing properties
  • Filtered water plus some ice if needed

Pick the right soursop fruit to make this juice.  When the fruit is fully ripe, you can open it without any tool. With your hands, just open it apart and remove the seeds.

Put the pulp (seeds removed) in your high speed blender. Add a frozen banana and some raw honey if you want it nice and sweeter. Take about a cup of filtered ice water and pour it into the blender.  Add some ice cubes if you want it super frothy.

Blend until it's nice and creamy.  

This soursop/guanabana juice which is really a thick smoothie (almost like yogurt in consistency) is a real treat specially in the morning for breakfast or snack anytime! Added with ice, this stuff is good enough for a meal in itself.

Folks ask where in the world you can get soursop or even grow these superfruit. This fruit is from a tree which is in a graviola family that grows only in warmer climates that don't go down below freezing point.

You can find Graviola trees which are also called sour sop trees in places like the Philippines, Indonesia, Colombia or other countries with warm climates.

This fruit is known to Filipinos as Guyabano. You can also find them in the United States as local as South Florida.

Keep an eye on this fruit at your local fruit store. If you travel to exotic warm countries, look out for this superfruit. It is a little prickly with large black seeds inside it. When it ripens it becomes really soft and juicy. It's not too sour nor too sweet. It's just a perfect fruit eaten as is.

It's perfectly delicious for breakfast or snack anytime.

Here's a video about this amazing fruit!

Try this delicious superfruit juice and then you make your own decision. Even if the claim is not true that it zaps cancer cells, making soursop juice is beneficial for your health anyway you look at it.  

Soursop for sure is nutritious as well as delicious!

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