Soursop Fruit - Also known as Guanabana or Guyabano fruit.

What is a soursop fruit? Have you tried one? What does it taste like?

A soursop fruit is also called guanabana or guyabano fruit. It is in a graviola tree family that grows in temperate regions like the South Pacific where there's no cold weather extremes. They taste like a semi sweet and sour vanilla custard when fully ripe.

fresh guanabanasPile of Soursop or Guanabana fruits seen at a local Farmer's market in South Florida where the temperature is loved by these super fruits! These are sold by the pound.

 Anytime it's available, consider trying one. They become soft to the touch when they ripen. It's better to eat them immediately as soon as they have ripened.

In South America, they call this fruit Guanabana as well as in South Florida. You may hear folks call them Soursop also. In the Phillipines they're called Guyabano fruits.

These super fruits have prickly thorny skin like the jackfruits although they have fairly large black seeds inside. You can grow a fruit tree from seeds but why bother when there are plants that are already grown in pots that you can buy from a nursery? 

So what's the benefit of eating a soursop or graviola fruit or guanabana fruit in abundance, really?

This fruit has its known super healthy benefits. It's been said to have a compound that's claimed to kill cancer cells in the body 10,000 times stronger than chemo. There are a lot of articles and claims about the health benefits of guanabanas or sour sop fruits. 

True or not, you can't go wrong with eating these fruits in abundance. Soursop ice cream made from scratch has a seriously delicious flavor that will knock your boots off! 

But you will have to decide for yourself. Try the ice cream! Really!

A video below shows how this fruit is eaten and what they look like if you haven't seen one. 

A freezer filled with soursop ice cream! They really taste amazing!

Guyabano juice or guanabana juice can easily be made by removing the seeds and making a smoothie.

Guyabano juice or smoothie is really creamy and delicious. Because it's so creamy you can actually freeze them and make ice cream slushy and they're like frozen pudding.

Add a little bit of raw honey or throw in a frozen banana into a blender and you have the best cancer-fighting dessert to please your body and your palate.

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