Easy Soba Noodle Soup

Chicken don't belong in your soup. So here's some soba noodle soup for the soul. 

If you like soba noodle soup, then we can be real good friends. This soup is very good for you and economical too. And yes, of course it is vegan! 

Soba noodles bathing in a serious fusion of miso soup with different vegetables and silken tofu making it a filling one pot meal to satisfy your soup craving.

You can have your soba noodle soup on the double without going to a take-out place, a restaurant or a buffet. This is one is special. Why?

It's miso and noodle soup in one!

If you love this soup, you can make your very own without all the fuss and still make it all special. 

Soba noodle soup starts with a soup base. I used my special special Miso soup here as the base instead of drenching my ingredients with a soup base from a bottle.

Always aim for whole organic ingredients. It's peace of mind that there will be no added chemicals on your food.

Hot restaurant soba noodles served at Narita International Airport in Tokyo Japan. Though, these noodles are bathing in mystery soup base that possibly contains fish sauce. The struggle is real when traveling.

What makes soba noodles special is in the soup base. Oriental supermarkets carry soup bases that come in bottles or tubes. I make my soup base using a basic Miso Soup made with organic ingredients.

Quick and Easy Soba Noodle Soup

  • Miso Soup for base. Recipe on how to make it is here.
  • Soba Noodles (cooked and drained)

In a pan, prepare your Miso Soup (if you haven't done it already). Any left-over will do. That's your base.

Boil the soba noodles according to package directions. When done, just dunk the noodles in a hot bowl of miso soup and your done. Easy as that.

You get your Miso soup and soba noodle soup in one.

Serve it in pretty Rice Miso Soup Bowls for a really yummy look.

If your bowl is small, you will surely go for seconds or even thirds. Yes, it's that yummy!

The miso makes this soup even healthier. Anything fermented is very healthy for you. It maintains those good bacteria in the gut making your stomach happy.

Japanese green tea soba noodles from Japan with love sent to me as a gift. These are absolutely delicious in soups or panfried stirfried with veggies.
I have this special kind of weakness for Pretty Oriental Bowls and dishes.

You can get yours on Amazon without going to the Orient. They're very pretty and Amazon makes them affordable!

It's only logical to serve oriental food using oriental dishware, right? 

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