Smoothie Stands - a traveler's life saver.

Smoothie stands are the healthy alternative to hotdog carts. You'll see them everywhere these days.

Smoothie stands are not just at the gym or fitness center juice bars anymore. They're invading the city streets - which is a good thing. 

smoothie standsA smoothie stand seen in the streets of New York city while gallivanting in the summer. They have all kinds of smoothies to your liking from fruits to green smoothies.

Smoothie carts are a life saver specially when you're out and about hungry wanting to have a healthy grub.

We were gallivanting around New York city, Times Square Manhattan to be exact which was around Fleet week and we were of course hungry. That's when we came across this life saver standing right there in the corner with so many flavors to choose from.

New York is a big city and of course there's so much to do and see with every imaginable food you want. Vegan raw food in the form of smoothies is just one of them.

There are smoothie carts along side the streets mixed in with a variety of vendors so if you want a simple shopping experience while you sip a delicious glass of yum, they're right there for you in one cozy corner!

You'll see them lined up with a variety of High Speed Blenders working to get you the right concoction to your liking.
Japan Smoothie StandSmoothie Bar seen at Narita International Airport. Had the Kiwi smoothie and it was delicious!
With all the professional blenders, they are just a whirl away. Get a hold of one of these professional blenders on Amazon if you need one. They're the best blenders for smoothies.

You will see these vendors wherever you go these days. They are in city streets, carnivals in the summer, farmers' markets, gym juice bars and yes, even airports!

Here's why you should stop by a smoothie stand when traveling:

  • Smoothies give you the right fuel that you need while traveling
  • They cost just as much as hotdogs, pizza, burger on a bun and sometimes even cheaper.
  • It's a grab and go type of food
  • It's easy, keeps you cool in the summer and also filling.
  • It's a great replacement meal and dessert in a glass.

It's really good to see them out there in competition with junk food vendors. Supporting local businesses like these healthy food carts is good for the economy and your health too. 

So, are you a traveling vegetarian? If you are, you cannot pass a smoothie vendor even in city streets.

You can treat yourself to an order of vegan Gyro, Falafels and Tzatziki sauce but please scoot on over to the smoothie vendor too. Your body will love you for it.

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