Simple Vegetarian Meals for a hungry veggie.

Simple vegetarian meals is what we need in this world dominated by the clock on the wall that runs our lives. We need fast, easy and nutritious food that we can live with, right? Right.

A salad sandwich for simple vegetarian meals. Super delish with garden tomatoes, purple cabbage slaw with cashew sauce and olives. Can bbe dinner, or can be lunch. Your choice

Who needs to slave in the kitchen these days! We need to just go bada-bing-bada-boom and BAM - a nutritious food is served on the double. Do you agree?

If you work full time like me, the weekend just go poof and Lo and behold it's Monday all over again. You need 8 days in a week where the 8th day should have your name on it. Life is crazy busy most of the times.

When you're at work, you don't need to settle for those packaged meals prepared by the food industry.

Cafeteria foods are downright scary sometimes. If you know what fresh means, bring your own lunch and skip the cafeteria. It will save you a bundle and you'll be eating something with nutrient density.

Unless you are a junkie vegetarian, you wouldn't trade a vitamin smoothie for a convenient donuts and coffee or a dead bagel.

Nutritious food and simple vegetarian meals you make yourself won't put a strain on your wallet plus they're super good for you.

How about simple vegetarian food year round?

Chia Pudding with Coconut Water and fruits.

Whether it be Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter; my ultimate favorite food is still a healthy smoothie. When the temp rises, it only means that this body will crave icy cold vitamin smoothies even more.

But that's just me.

How about holidays you say? Holidays shouldn't be an excuse not to prepare delicious nutritious food. Holidays are the busiest and we often forget about taking care of ourselves. 

Find some healthy vegetarian Christmas recipes right here on this site. 

Here are a few other vegetarian yummies that you can easily for breakfast, snacks, lunches and dinners. 

So you see, vegetarian vegan meals are never ever boring. There are so many options and so many varieties to choose from. Include them on your menu plan!

Try these samples of simple recipes for vegetarians:

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[Simple Vegetarian Recipes]

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