A Simple Diet Menu Plan Sample for a busy vegetarian lifestyle.

Here's a simple diet menu plan that is satisfying, tasty, nutritious and doesn't make you gain weight or break the budget.

A simple diet menu plan should start with a healthy vegetarian breakfast.

A simple diet menu plan can consist of easy healthy recipes like energy juices for breakfast. Some breakfast meals are even just a blender away and as simple as a glass of energy smoothie.

Not just busy people need a simple diet menu plan. Anybody can benefit with it.  Anybody who wants to eat healthier, maintain a healthy weight, ward off diseases or whatever their goal is; can make life simpler and healthier with a simple diet plan.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so they should be quick, simple and nutritious. Who wouldn't want a breakfast that's delicious and so good for you?

The simpler the food, the better it is and the healthier you will be. So, forget about the drive-in windows. If you have time in the morning, you can make your own burrito with healthier ingredients. 

Otherwise, you can simply stick to healthy smoothies if you don't have enough time. Invest on a blender!

But please... no packaged anything! Well, other than Spring water.

Packaged foods are complicated on their own. They have so much hidden additives that can wreck havoc on your health. With all the ingredients in them that are hard to pronounce, why bother buying them. It's convenient but never simple.

Simple is always better. They'll even make a good vegetarian travel food if you're a mobile person. 

When life is so hectic and our days are filled with agenda, the last thing we want is prepare a meal that takes hours to prepare. 

Reboot with healthy Vegetarian Lunches

Think of yourself as being stuck in a deserted island with no sight of supermarket nearby. Your chance of survival is leaned towards eating what's available to you. You'll live. You won't get fat. You'll probably eat healthier than ever. You'll get the exercise too, naturally.

But when you live in a world surrounded by a chemical storm from all the highly processed food and so many complicated commercialized everything, it's hard to simplify things.

But don't just accept the insanity. Do something! Make something healthier for health's sake! A simple diet menu plan is necessary to keep you focused.

Craft up some scrumptous Vegetarian Dinners

Plan meals ahead of time! Planning is the start to a healthy lifestyle. Meals that are planned are less likely to be rushed, expensive and overall, a joy to assemble and eaten with gusto because you prepared it. 

Here's a guide to a simple healthy diet:

Easy healthy recipes can be prepared without a ton of ingredients. The simpler the recipes are... the better they naturally taste and they don't withdraw a lot of cash from your wallet.

Healthy smoothies can be one of the simplest food preparation there is. They can be done in mere minutes. Vitamins you get are natural, never from a pill and easily assimilated in your body. Vitamix recipes are a snap to make.

Healthy lunches are not just anything that's in between 2 slices of bread called sandwich. Make it fun. Make a tacorrito or something. Make double batches and save left-overs for an inexpensive meal.

Planning for a simple healthy meal is easy. No need to focus on food that are not available and wondering where on earth you can purchase them. 

Here are my staples for a simple diet:

  • Beans - they are versatile. Can be put in soups, veggie burgers, stews, casseroles and the ever simple economical favorite rice and beans.
  • Rice - just as economical as the above. This grain has been a staple in Asia and can't be simpler as plainly steamed. In Asia, rice is the base and eaten with just about anything. 
  • Fruits - can't be any simpler. It's a 'peel and eat' method of preparation. Fruitarianism is gotta be the simplest diet on Earth.
  • Vegetables - can be prepared steamed or sauteed. Mushrooms can replace the meat in vegetarians and vegans. They are just as tasty sauteed in vegetable dishes. 

Stick to a nutritarian diet. Consuming nutrient-dense foods without all the additives is the key to health.

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