Semi Vegetarian - Because it's just too darn hard to live in a world full of flesh eating population and angry vegans. 

A semi vegetarian is so much healthier than a junkie veggie who eats doughnuts and coffee on a daily. So don't beat yourself with a 'wheat' noodle!

What is a semi vegetarian? A semi veggie is also called flexitarian who eats a little bit of meat on occasion. Can you live with that? 

Cheesy Garlic Bread made with organic rye bread with less ingredients. You are not vegan if you eat cheese and that's fine. This makes you a lacto veggie which is also a type of vegetarian if you really wanna get technical.

Being a semi vegetarian makes it so much easier to enjoy life and stay healthy. Cringing about food at all times and reading every label to identify the 10th ingredient making sure it's not an animal derivative is a hard restricted life to live.

Bad enough that the pressure is on everyday filled with appointments and agendas. It's worse specially when you're on travel. Even though there are a lot of places out there with restaurants offering vegan and semi vegetarian meals, you really don't know the ingredients of the food you're eating for sure.

Hey, even that crunchy fried thing they claimed healthy could have some animal byproduct in them. They just won't tell you. It's a sneaky world.

Sometimes, life is just too hard being a vegetarian in a world breeding with processed food. You can't fight city hall but you can just do what you can the best way possible.

Traveling on a budget is exemplary hard. Unless you wanna pay top dollar for your meals, it's hard to maintain a strict plant based diet. Here's why:

  •  Cheese and eggs will be a hidden ingredient. Oh, wells. In this case you'll be an ovo-lacto vegetarian in stealth mode.
  • With Asian food, there may be hidden fish broth in your soup, so you become a pescatarian.
  • A vegetarian sushi isn't really a sushi. In Japan, they might laugh at you with the vegetarian sushi we call California rolls. There is no such sushi as that thing. But make it anyway and call it that! Break the rule.

So, you just gotta do the best you can.

This garlic bread is an example. This bread is probably made with butter, eggs and milk (who really knows the real truth about what it says on the label?). So you'd be an ovo-lacto veg on this one. For this bread, you can put faux cheese a.k.a vegan cheese in it to make it your version.

If you are not a strict vegetarian, then you might go ahead and put your favorite cheese in. What the heck, we only live once, right?

  • Bread - Any round bread will do, though preferably Italian.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 bulb Chopped Garlic (the only ingredient you surely know that's real.)
  • Your favorite cheese (Faux or Real) Real cheese is better than the faux brand.

Chop the garlic finely or put them in a high speed blender to make a garlic paste. Cut the bread in a criss-cross fashion. Brush some olive oil in between the cuts and sprinkle or spread chopped garlic/paste and grated cheese. Wrap in aluminum foil and bake until hot and the cheese is melted.

Perfect accompaniment to any vegetarian pasta you serve it with. It goes perfect with salads as well. 

Try it with pasta con broccoli and it's just heavens! For a busy day, this is the quickest way how to make garlic bread without slaving in the kitchen.

Eating a semi vegetarian food can make life easier when you're transitioning to a becoming a vegetarian full swing. 

So yeah! Being a semi-vegetarian is so much better than being a junkie vegan.

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