Rice and Beans Recipe - Tasty, simple and loved by many!

If you are a rice lover and you like beans as well, then this affordable rice and beans recipe is for you!

Simple Yellow Rice and Beans RecipeThis rice and beans recipe is what you need as a side dish for your healthy vegetarian meals. It even works as a main dish meal. It's very affordable and healthy for you.

Rice and beans recipe has so many variations! But this is as simple as it can get! Put your rice cooker to work and you'll get a hassle free rice and beans all on one pot. All you have to do is, yeah... just set it and forget it. 

There is no tending to it, watching or stirring and simmering involved with this cooking method. Rice cookers are a genius when it comes to making this amazing and ever simple rice dish.

So let's get on it and make some yellow rice and beans.

  • 1 cup long grain white rice
  • 1/2 cup mixed beans (soaked overnight)
  •  Annato seeds (soaked and liquid is used for it's orange color) You can Use turmeric powder too (high in anti-inflammatory properties)
  •  Chili Powder
  •  1 onion
  • 5 cloves of garlic (more if you are a garlic lover)
  •  salt & pepper to taste / Adobo seasoning (choose the one with no MSG!)
  • Olive Oil or Coconut oil
  • home-made salsa (optional)

Pre-cook the beans, Drain. Saute garlic and onion in a pan with a bit of oil until soft but not burnt. Add the beans to the pan. Add some water to cover the beans. Add chili, annato water (or turmeric) and all other seasonings. Saute until the onions are wilted.

If using a rice cooker:
Put the rice in the rice cooker. Add the sauteed mix of beans and seasonings. Add more water if necessary. Set and forget. It will cook itself perfectly. Serve with veggies.

Using a saucepan: Add the rice to the pan. Add the sauteed ingredients. Mix and  add more water if necessary. Cover and cook until all liquid is absorbed stirring once, then lower the heat. Pluff with a fork. 

Tip: Serve with vegetarian lumpia and you'll have an exotic dish with a Filipino/Spanish flair. Or, serve with steamed vegetables for an even healthier meal. 

Some vegetarian recipes are very affordable. Rice and beans  merely cost pennies, filling and so good for you. Beans is rich in protein and has fiber in them. Rice is closer to its original state (rice grain) unlike pasta which is a highly processed food.

As with anything, time is the essence. Simple vegetarian meals can save you not only time to prepare them but it can also save you loads of money. You get to eat a healthy nutritious meal that takes no time to prepare. With just basic ingredients already available in your fridge and your pantry, you can whip up a delicious vegetarian dish with this basic ingredient.

Rice dishes are very affordable to make. They're versatile and you can make them anyway you like.  You can make vegetarian dish like this in a hurry. It's a 'one dish meal' that's sure to please the hungry beast in you.

Rice is a staple food in many cultures, especially those in Asia like the Japanese, Chinese, Indians, Thai and Koreans. I'm Asian and I can eat rice three time a day everyday of the week.

It's perfect for a low fat vegan diet. It's rich in vital minerals, vitamins and it has all the roughage that your tummy needs.  This grain is used along with many vegetable  dishes. It has its own pride of place in many homecooked cheap vegetarian meals.

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