Reasons To Become A Vegetarian

Besides the health benefits of this lifestyle, there are more reasons to become a vegetarian. Find out why people are switching to this amazing lifestyle.

Let's dig in for more reasons to become a vegetarian besides great food and its health benefits. 

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The benefits of this amazing lifestyle are tremendous not only for you but for the planet as a whole. 

Here are more key reasons to become a vegetarian for good.

You think you can't do it? It's easy to become a veggie. There are lots of yummy foods out there that don't have animals in them. If you become a veggie, your body will thank you with a reward of good health. Promise!

We are not pushing you but it's really for your own good. Here are just a few reasons why you should:

LOSE WEIGHT without effort. Yes, this is like the numero uno reason to become a veggie.

YOU WILL LIVE LONGER - Unless you get hit by a lightning, your chances of living longer are so much better than a non-vegetarian. 

LESS TRIPS TO THE DOCTOR - When you are a vegetarian, chances are you are healthy and you are saving money by not going to the doctors often.

YOUR BONES ARE MUCH STRONGER - Vegetables specially the green leafy ones provide enough calcium that are easily absorbed by the body. 

LESS TO NO FOOD BORNE ILLNESSES - You hear it in the news and they are on headlines that food borne illnesses are from eating four legged flesh food. Eating vegetarian meal eliminates that risk.

MORE ENERGY - Vegetables and fruits are no doubt energy givers. Do you want a blast of energy without the caffeine? Drink fresh juices in the morning. It's like a shot of nutrients right into your bloodstream for an energy boost!

YOU HELP REDUCE POLLUTION - Factory farming accounts for major pollution. Chemical and animal waste runoffs from factory farms pollute the rivers and streams for miles and miles causing poor water quality. One cow is like an SUV emitting toxic chemicals into the air.

YOU ARE REGULAR - You digest food easily without effort. Constipation is a thing of the past. Vegetables and fruits contain fiber and are easily digestible compared to animal flesh food. 

YOU HELP PREVENT OR REDUCE FAMINE - It takes a lot of grains to fed the animals that are raised for slaughter. Billions of livestock consume more grains than the population.

YOU AVOID TOXIC CHEMICALS - Animal products contain a lot of toxic chemicals. At least when you can't buy organic fruits and vegetables you can always wash them well. Meat products on the other hand, you cannot wash the toxic chemicals embedded or injected into them.

YOU'RE EATING A RAINBOW OF COLORS - Fruits and veggies come in different colors and they are loaded with nutrients necessary for human health. Each one has nutrients that are yet to be discovered. 

WEIGH LESS - Among other benefits of being a vegetarian is that you achieve a normal weight without food restriction. The body kind of know the ideal weight all on its own.

NORMAL CHOLESTEROL COUNT - Healthy vegetarian foods are not cholesterol laden compared to meat products. The body makes its own cholesterol, why add extra cholesterol by eating animal products?

NORMAL BLOOD PRESSURE - Your health insurance either loves you or hate you because you hardly use it to the fact that you are healthy. Blood pressure reads normal when you are following a vegetarian diet.

Other added benefits of being a vegetarian:


When you practice a vegetarian diet, you save money on groceries. Have you ever compared a hunk of beef prices to a bunch of kale or tomatoes? Vegetables and fruits cost so much less than a slab of meat or cheeses.

  • YOUR KITCHEN WON"T SMELL - Your kitchen doesn't smell like burnt animal flesh when you cook. The aroma of the herbs and spices are sweeter.
  • LESS SCRUBBING DISHES - Your dishes only require rinsing and don't need to be extremely sanitized to prevent salmonella germs. Cooking organic vegetables has no risk of salmonella poisoning.
  • FOOD WITHOUT RESTRICTION - You can eat delicious healthy vegetarian foods to your heart's content without ever going on a diet.
  • MORE FOOD CHOICES - You have more choices of vegetable food than ever - other than just pork, chicken and beef or maybe frogs and rabbits.
  • YOU ARE NOT SUPPORTING ANIMAL CRUELTY - Most animal flesh are mass produced from animal farms where they were treated inhumanely before they were slaughtered.

Any other reasons to become a vegetarian? Yes. The variety of the food is massive and they are absolutely delicious!

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