Re: Where do you get your Protein?

by Pura @vegetarianyums

Make Peas Not War!

Make Peas Not War!

Hi there! Yes I know the feeling. I have been there countless times. I've been asked the same question. Even my conventional doctor asked me the same protein and amino acid question when I was just becoming a vegetarian! That is expected every time you speak about your vegan vegetarian lifestyle, sometimes I just don't even say the V word.

Don't be annoyed. Keep your cool. Stay calm. That's why we drink fresh green juices and eat a non-meat plant based food. These delicious clean foods helps us keep our cool. It's been said that vegetarians are less likely to get angry than non-veggies. Plant based meals are responsible for our coolness. True or not true, that is just cool. So, stay cool. Stay plant strong! Wink.

When people insist to ask the question, I tell them that I just had my Tofu, my green juice and my non-dairy 'banana nice cream'. And I haven't gone to the doctors in years because there is just no sign of protein deficiency in my body whatsoever!

Vegetarianism is slowly being accepted by the mass majority these days. Thankfully, there are vegetarian restaurants opening all over the land and I think it's a sign of a joyful acceptance of this lifestyle.

Let's see, for those who really want to know where you can get protein without eating animal flesh here are some vegetarian protein sources:

- Tofu
- Green Leafy Vegetables - I fell in love on making Kale Chips!
- Even bananas have traces of protein besides the amazing benefits of potassium!
- Nut Milks! Try making the best natural Almond milk from scratch. It so easy to make using a high speed blender like a Vitamix blender or Blendtec.
- Peanut butter is a great source of plant protein
- Beans, yeah they have loads of vitamin and minerals necessary to build a strong healthy you. It's even been documented that women who eat a lot of beans are less likely to go through hot flashes! That's neat, isn't it?

So there's no need to get all flipped out when they asked you about the 'Where do you get your protein?' question. Who knows, maybe if they know it's not only from animal flesh, they might join us in this healthy yummy incredible plant based free cruelty lifestyle!

~ Pura ~

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