Raw Vegan Recipes 

Get rid of the bulge once and for all. Glow with health and lots of energy. Look and feel your best. Enhance sleep and kick insomnia out for good. Here are some raw vegan recipes to get you started.  

These raw vegan recipes are delicious and fun, but let's talk about the benefits of eating raw food.

Benefits of the Raw Vegan Diet

  • Eating raw vegan food increases your energy
  • Soft, clear and healthy skin is obtained because toxins are flushed out.
  • Most people claimed they got off their medication on a raw food diet plan.
  • You save money. You save even more by not going to the doctor often.
  • Eating raw food  gives you little to no dishes to wash. If there are, there's no need for scrubbing as there are no baked on grease to scrub like you do with cooked food.
  • You never clog up with eating raw vegan food.

With a raw vegan lifestyle, you can have desserts anytime!

Life is too short to avoid desserts! Raw vegans have a wide variety of choices in their food. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in raw uncooked form are full of phytochemicals or phyto-nutrients that are easily destroyed with cooking.

Yummy Raw Vegan Recipes

Raw Zucchini Noodles

Raw Vegans practice a mono-meal eating lifestyle. It's believed that eating only one type of raw food in one setting until you are fully satiated is kinder and easier on the digestive system as the food are easily assimilated.

Here are more easy and fun raw vegan recipes to get you going.

Don't care about making raw vegan recipes? Eating all the fruits you care for will do!

Fruits that are in season are the best tasting and can really sustain your fully raw vegan diet everyday of the year. There are so many types of fruit on the planet for every season. 

Juices and Smoothies

Life should be simpler if the only decision you have to make is either make juices or smoothies. So, you decide.

Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Beyond Juices and Smoothies - Raw Vegan Food Daily

Eating raw food is considered to be the best diet for humans. Raw food is easy to digest and it helps with detoxification.

Vegetarian Humor

VEGESEXUAL - A term used by preferring partners with vegetarian or vegan lifestyles. "I could never kiss a carnivore; I'm vegesexual."

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