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Raw vegan diets can be categorized as fruitarianism, juice diets and sproutarianism. This eating lifestyle falls under the umbrella of vegetarianism.

People practicing raw vegan diets definitely exhibits a colorful arrangement of living food in their raw food kitchens. Raw vegans also exhibits clear skin, vibrancy and great health.

Pink Dragon Fruits with Banana Mango Sauce arranged in a platter and good enough for a meal.


Eating mostly fruits in raw vegan diets is called fruitarianism. This type of practice is as simple as eating seasonal raw fruits. People who eat mostly fruits are called fruitarians or frugivores. 

They practice a what they call mono-meal eating in which they eat a certain type of fruit until they're full until the next meal.

Frugivores or fruitarians would go great in my very busy lifestyle, I find this very easy to follow. All you have to do is pick the fruits you care for that's in season and eat that. Well, that's until I come home and I have to cook a vegetarian dinner. But I'm fine with that.

Why is it easy? We'll the process is very simple. You wash the fruit, you peel it and you eat it. Fruits are very toteable too. No need to scrub dishes and you can taste your food as you prepare it.

Sprouts - The living food.


This might be a diet that's gone weird for some people but it's believable that living foods benefit health the highest of all. Living foods has living nutrients in them that are easily absorbed by the human body.

Besides, why would you want to eat dead food if you want to stay and feel alive? 

I can have a salad loaded with alfalfa sprouts and call it meal anytime. 

Vegetarians vs Vegans:

Vegans don't eat anything that has animal anything in the food. They also do not wear leather, fur or even makeup made with animal byproducts. 

But if you think about it, the food industry sneaks in some animal derivatives in everything these days. So it's just plain hard to be in the fully vegan lifestyle. 

Best thing to do? Don't call yourself vegan, vegetarian or any of it and just eat your fruits and veggies!

Have you thought of going on a vegan diet? Juicing fruits and vegetables and making smoothies is the way to go.

Dessert anytime.

Can you survive on raw food vegan diet?

Many people live with this lifestyle. Do you think you can survive on this diet? If you are just occasional vegetarian, that's just fine. Don't beat yourself with a wet noodle. 

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