Raw Foods Recipes 

Raw foods recipes don't have to be complicated. Try these recipes. Celebrate life. Happy whatever!

There are so many raw foods recipes out there that are so complicated. Make it easy on your part and simplify. Never let food preparation complicate your life. Life is busy enough.

Dragon Fruit Snack and dessertDragon Fruit with banana sauce and chunks of yellow ripe mangoes to satisfy your sweet tooth. Juicy, sweet and hydrating.

Following a raw food lifestyle is easy. It's gotta be the easiest diet on earth. Oftentimes, preparing meals is just a matter of a 'peel and eat' deal.

Besides, the kids dig it too. They'd eat delicious nutritious food if they see you eat them on a daily. The result, the kids will be healthy and will develop a healthy habit for life.

Fruits are provided by nature to be eaten ripe and uncooked. Just peel it and eat it. Okay, slice it if the fruit is big, make it in bite-size pieces. Digestion starts in the mouth.

In this modern time, we humans just complicate our lives without even noticing it. We have dizzying array of so many different things. It's not our fault. Look at you, you're on the reading this. But this is good stuff. So keep on reading. Ha-ha.

We can make life a little easier by not listening to all the noise in the world. Just do what's best and the best we can. No need to be all fancy with things. Life on earth as we know it is so limited.

Fruits don't need sauces or salt or anything that will alter its taste. It can be eaten just the way nature presented them. No need for spices or anything. They're just good as is!

Just eat them as nature presents them. 

Play with your food!

It's okay!

Your momma might have told you not to play with food... but you're a grown-up now... go and have fun with food!

You can eat a lot of these fruit dessert and it will not put you on a slump. Raw foods give you lots of energy.

Sluggishness is history when you're mostly eating raw food. I'd like to believe that it's a domino effect. Pretty fruits make you pretty but you don't have to believe it. Fruits are readily digestible so they're easy on the stomach.  

It's amazing how nature provides us easily with fruits in many different colors. Nature is truly very accommodating! Somehow it knows just exactly what fruit to produce for every season!

Try some healthy desserts from simple raw foods recipes. Check out our fruit pantry and get busy. Feast on.

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