The Raw Food Vegan Diet - quite possibly the best diet on Earth. Do you agree?

When the temps get hot and steamy, start your raw food vegan diet with fast food - fruits, that is. Have a slice of this bananaroni pizza!

It is obvious that the raw food vegan diet existed in early humans before fire was invented. Why? How on earth are you gonna cook your food without fire? So cooking was out of the equation.

starting a raw food vegan diet with watermelon fruitHydrating watermelon pizza. You may call it a bananaroni pizza. It's juicy, sweet and really very refreshing! Going on a raw vegan diet can't get any juicier than this.

Start a raw food diet plan:

Ever thought of going on a raw food vegan diet? With this eating lifestyle, there are fewer dishes to wash. No salmonella poisoning worries. No weight gain and it's so simple! 

So when the temps are steamy, who needs to slave in a hot kitchen? Here's a fruit pizza to your rescue. This is really fun to make and it's super duper easy.

As you can see, you don't need an instruction to make this. Top it with colorful fruits you can find.

It's a raw food meal and dessert in one! Grab a slice or two. Leave that oven turned off and make another batch! Sticking to the plan is super easy.

In the summer when it's too hot to cook, it's possibly the best time for starting a raw food diet. 

Turn off that oven, save your money on take-out and make this fruit pizza for health sake. Make it a large pie with the works!

Biblical writings denote that humans ate lambs and fish way, way back. But why go by it and make things complicated? No doubt early humans ate raw food.

The chimps eat bananas and they're healthy as can be. No argument, there. So just eat your fruits. They're easy delicious real fast food. 

We may even think that most of us were vegans and vegetarians before biblical times. Not until the paleolitic days when cavemen started eating animals. But they didn't live long, did they? They may also had major dental issues.

It actually makes perfect sense. It's been a topic of interest by many! Like raw foodists would say: "Why eat dead food if you want to feel alive?"

Benefits of a raw food diet:

  • It saves you money on medical bills as you become healthy
  • Weightloss is never a problem
  • Energy is always at peak
  • Clear skin, clear mind and enhanced sleep is obtained
  • Delicious fast food at all times

Watermelon is the best in the summer. It's pristine vitamin water. It's one of summer's abundant fruit and makes a perfect fruit pizza crust (base)! Try it with a bunch of different colorful fruit toppings making it fun and pretty enough to eat. Both grown ups and kids will surely love it.

Did you know? Watermelons skin are still edible, so pound by pound you get your money's worth. Juice the rinds because they're extremely refreshing. They have traces of chlorophyll in them which makes them super nutritious!

So... do you plan on starting a raw food diet? Look no more than your produce section or favorite farmer's market. It will save you lots of money. 

A raw food vegan diet can help you maintain a healthy body therefore it's less trip to the doctors which saves you hundreds of dollars in medical bills.

The invention of fire got us all cooking our perfectly good food that are better left uncooked and eaten raw. Experts say that cooking food is possibly the worst skill humans have acquired.

Sorry master chefs, just a big bowl of vegetarian salad please. Just give it to me raw, pretty please?

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