Protein Foods for Vegetarians - No. It's not just Tofu!

With all the noise in the world today, it gets so confusing listening to everybody trying to tell you which protein foods for vegetarians are good and aren't good.

There are lots of protein foods for vegetarians out there so we can really turn off the noise now. Throw that crappy issue and worries in the crapper bin. All of it.

This Chinese Stirfry with porcini mushrooms and aged Tofu sauteed in brown sauce is loaded with plant-based protein. They called this Green Jade because it's a vegetarian protein dish.

Humans don't really need a lot of protein to survive. Nobody has been diagnosed with protein deficiency specially if you live here in America where too much protein consumption is actually an epidemic problem.

Everybody looks so protein'ed out to scary proportions.

For sure, vegetarians have their health issues too but they're far less than of those who are meat eaters. Weight gain is less common among vegetarians. 

We were brainwashed by the meat industry supported by the food industry that you have to eat a huge hunk of bloody animal flesh to get your daily allowance of this nutrient.

Not pushing that you shouldn't eat meat, but just sayin'. Protein is found in the plant kingdom as well.

You can get your daily dose of protein by just eating a plant based diet. In fact, plant protein is so much easier on the digestive system. Protein from animal flesh is from fat, mind you, filled with cholesterol which can make the human body very acidic. 

Protein from plant is gentle on the digestive system and it's easily assimilated flooding your cells with utmost nutrition. It helps you become regular too, you know.

Here's a quick and basic list of protein foods for vegetarians:

  • Listen to your mother and eat your veggies! Green Leafy Vegetables are packed with protein. Chlorophyll that is manufactured by the sun is responsible for the production of protein in plants. Stay green!
  • Beans  are really good for the heart and it's not just a humorous parody. Why? When your body is healthy, your heart will be beating healthfully. They just go hand in hand.

  • Nuts are also in the list here. Go for the crunch. They can be used to top your leafy green salad and all, not to mention those frozen fruit desserts and ice creams!
  • Tempeh  is a great source of protein for vegetarians. They can be sauteed with just about anything. Stir them up with your leafy greens!

  • Seitan is another protein food for vegetarians.  Cook them as you would cook Tempeh. If you're not quite sure what it is, just order it if you're in a vegetarian restaurant and try it for a 'taste' run. 

  • Just about every edible fruit and vegetables on this planet have protein. So relax and stop worrying about protein already. Even a banana has it.  You can always try juicing greens as well and get a straight shot of it into your bloodstream.

  • The ever popular Tofu has been eaten in Asian countries for thousands of years. This protein food comes flavored and unflavored these days. They also come as aged and in different textures. You'll find soft, medium soft or from firm to extra firm Tofu. 

It's not surprising but actually very inspiring that there's a long list of vegetarians out there who are living just fine without consuming animal protein. You hear it everyday.

Centenarians are known to be vegetarians. They live longer than meat-eaters.

We can't live forever but we sure can try to live healthier without consuming too much animal flesh. It's good for you and the planet too!

Cows, elephants, hippos and many other strong animals get their protein from plants. They're really very strong, right?

So, now go and grab a bunch of kale. It's the king of protein foods for vegetarians available out there.

Check out the ever easy kale recipe here

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