Prediabetes Diet 

High Glocuse readings? No problem. Let's eat a prediabetes diet and start living.

Let's start a vegetarian prediabetes diet to bring that glucose reading down where it's supposed to be. 

Safest way to eat if you are prediabetic is to load up on salad and limit the carbohydrates. Portion control is also advisable.

Pre-Diabetes is a major issue for both men and women specially as a person get older. But no worries, you can still enjoy your favorite good food. Portion control is key.

There is really nothing that you cannot eat if you have diabetes. You can even eat chocolate, oh yes you can. You can have sweets too if you plan it right and in moderate amounts.

If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, what you eat and how much you eat of a certain type of food is important as it affects your blood glucose.

If have just been diagnosed with prediabetes, you may want to get a Precise Food Portion Control Plate for Diabetics to help you measure your food intake. Once you get the hang of it, eating to control the condition is a breeze.
Tofu Stirfy - this can be the ultimate protein for vegetarians that can work very well for a diabetic diet.

Your plate should basically comprised of non starchy vegetables, like half of that plate. The other side of your plate should be grains and starchy veggies with protein food that the size of your palm. 

Fruits usually has lots of sugar. Sugar is sugar to the body nomatter where it comes from whether from fruit or starchy food. Starch turns into glucose too.

So prediabetic diet plate should be like this:

  • Fill 1/2 of your plate with non starchy veggies
  • Fill 1/4 of your plate with protein (if you are vegan, protein substitute will work too)
  • Fill 1/4 of our plate with grains or starchy veggies and add one serving of fruit, milk or yogurt.
  • Unlimited non-calorie beverage such as water, tea or black coffee.

You can beat diabetes and reverse your condition for good by eating a prediabetic diet coupled with regular exercise.

Bittermelons are known to be good for diabetics. These vegetables are cooked several ways. They have a bitter taste but once you get used it, these veggies are actually tasty.
These veggie can be planted in a warm climate. You can plant them in the summer. Here's the link to the seeds that you can buy on Amazon: Bittermelon Seeds also called Ampalaya.

Non-starchy vegetables are good for diabetes. Starch is converted into sugar in the body so it's a good idea to limit starchy veggies such as root vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes and such.

Bittermelon is a very good choice for diabetics. According to experts, this vegetable can lower sugar levels in the body and has medicinal properties that act similar to insulin.

Bitter taste of this vegetable too much for you? You can always get Bittermelon Capsules on Amazon.

So if you are trying to follow a prediabetes diet, you are not alone. As we get older, our sugar levels go out of whack and we get the prediabetes diagnosis. Fear no more. You can beat it with healthy eating by limiting sugary foods and regular manageable exercise.

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