Pinoy Vegetarian - Are you one? 

As a Pinoy vegetarian; the Lechon, Balut and Chicken Adobo are out. Who needs all that when you can have some serious real Filipino grub?

There's so much Pinoy vegetarian foods you can enjoy if you are on a vegan vegetarian diet. It's guaranteed you will love them and you'll be coming back for more.

Pinoy Vegetarian FoodFilipino vegetarian food sampler that you can feast on. They are completely vegan Filipino native food. You'll see suman, ibus, turon and Hopia mungos.

If you are a Pinoy vegetarian, then you understand my dilemma. If you are not, then you probably don't. So let me explain a little.

That roast pig also known as Lechon just have to go. A moment on your lips, forever in your hips. Ditto for that Filipino Chicken Adobo. They both cause trouble like heart disease, weight gain and a plethora of problems. I'll pass the Balut and the Bagoong too. They're  just nasty!

'Balut' is an unborn chicken salted in their own egg shell. It's like a fetus that's still in a uterus with a placenta attached, salted and pickled all hairy and everything. It's like forced abortion in birds that the thought of it makes me wanna crawl in my skin.

It's just plain yuk! Oh how could you? So, no 'balut' for me like um, ever. Sorry.

There's something really fishy about 'bagoong'. The thought of it is just terrible. They're just unfortunate little fishes that ended up in a jar killed by a mega ton of salt saltier than the dead sea! It really stinks nasty! How can you ever put that rotten thing in your mouth?

Chicken Adobo is somewhat acceptable if the chicken was grown organically, was able to scratch the ground and able to grow real feathers.

If the bird was artificially grown confined, caged and injected with all kinds of crap, brutalized and then killed in a slaughterhouse for your Adobo ingredient, I'll pass.

Ditto for the roast pig. Let's just stick to something clean and humane.

Let's start with a real Filipino Breakfast. Puto is my favorite. What's yours? Puto is a Filipino vegetarian food that's perfect for breakfast. I can wash it down with real hot chocolate and I'm good.

You may call this a dessert because it's sweet. You may call it a snack because you can have them in between meals any time you're hungry. There is no rule there.

You can't go wrong with a simple easy to digest food to break the fast. Filipino Puto is gentle and light on the stomach. Plus, they're only made with just a few simple ingredients namely rice flour and natural sweets.

For lunch there are lots of authentic Filipino vegetarian recipes you can cook up using simple natural ingredients only.

Filipino lunch is usually eaten with rice. Make some greens stirfry and spoon it over some steamed rice. Or you may just try a really nice dish of vegetarian rice noodles called Bihon

Pair it up with vegetarian lumpia and settle down.

For dinner, there's so many other Filipino food for a Pinoy vegetarian.

Want some really authentic ones? Check out your choices from the Filipino Vegetables list and cook up something yummy!

You see, pigging out on roasted pigs is just an invitation to vascular disease, weight gain, bloating and a plethora of chronic problems. It's just not worth it. You become what you eat, so eat healthy foods to become healthy.

For the finale of your day, indulge on a cassava cake which is just an example of a sinless decadent dessert.

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