Pescetarianism - Is it for you?

There's nothing fishy about pescetarianism. If you're stranded on a deserted island and there's nothing else to eat, you have no choice but become a pescetarian - unless you want to die of starvation.

Pescetarianism allows you to have this seafood meal. I served this to my non-vegetarian family in the summer. The clams or seafood were caught fresh right off the Great South Bay on Long Island New York.

Here's a huge bowl of spaghetti and white clam sauce with garden grown basil. The dish to the left is Filipino Vegetarian Lumpia.

This type of vegetarianism includes seafood in the diet. It's a step up from eating vegetarian junk food, so don't beat me with a wet noodle. Let's be unbiased. Be impartial. Be unprejudiced. Just be a practical vegetarian.

If you are an Asian descent like Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Filipino who grew up in an archipelago, you are more likely hooked on eating meals with lots and lots of seafood. 

I am Filipino in origin and fish is definitely in my DNA. I have to admit that on occasion I eat a bit of seafood for Vitamin B12 as per doctors' advise. You can call me a practical vegetarian. I really don't label my eating lifestyle.

I do love to make a lot of vegetarian meals as you can tell. Vegetarian yummies are flooding this whole website as you can see. If you are an Asian who's raised on seafood, you have no problem following pescetarianism as your main eating lifestyle.

We know that diehard vegetarians and vegans would hurt you literally with words about being a pescetarian. They consider fish as sentient beings and can feel pain. I stay neutral, as I want true peace in the world.

It's your body, you decide how you live and don't let anybody tell you how to live your life. There's no need for someone to tell you that you must live on a vegetarian low carb diet or paleo or anything. 

If your diehard vegan friends tell you what you should be eating, find different friends. You don't need negativity in your life. Um, just joking here and still serious about eating fruits and veggies.

Here at we are unbiased. We present vegetarian yummies and you can start from there and be healthier than when you're just eating really wacky food like that processed vegan vegetarian jerky.

I think being pescetarian is a step up from eating cupcakes, chips and doughnuts, not to mention really being vegan junkies. Life is short. Eat what you like, but make it healthier. 

This video above is an adventure of a couple (me, the vegetarian and my husband the veteran). He got the clams fresh from the bay which I cooked with linguini pictured on the dish above. It's our typical pescetarian meal in the summer here in Long Island, New York.

I prepared a vegetarian lunch for the 2 of us on the boat. Life is grand, just live it.

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