Pescatarian Diet and Vacations

A pescatarian diet eating fish is not evil. I am not perfect. Never. So I eat seafood on my vacation. That's a confession!

I was on a pescatarian diet while on my vacation. Eating fish is not evil. Don't be too hard on yourself. Imagine yourself in a movie with Tom Hanks on 'Cast Away', being stranded on an island far away from civilization and you have nothing but fish to survive on and some coconut water!

Run Forrest Run signs is on every table at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company - Shrimp just like Mama makes it is served! Yup. I ate them, I am not perfect!

Nobody is perfect. There's is absolutely nothing wrong with being a practical vegetarian.

When you go to the seaside restaurants and there's nothing but seafood wherever you look to eat, you're bound to be on a pescatarian diet while you're having your rest and relaxation away from the noise of the world of diets. 

Yeah, I ate fish at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company on the oceanfront! We were on vacation and I was surrounded by nothing but omnivores!

Pescetarianism is a type of vegetarian where you can consume fish. But that's just a rule and I don't want to live on rules! I just want to eat clean fish, the one that was caught wild from the vast sea and not from some farm, fed with all sorts fecal matter from other farmed animals.

Fish is in my DNA. I grew up in the tropics and there's no such thing as vegetarian fish substitute. Either eat the real thing or nothing at all! Life is just too stinkin' short to fake things out specially when it comes to food. So, yeah... no artificial substitute.

Like Bubba would say: Shrimp is the fruit of the sea and you can cook it anyway you like it! Boil it, broil it, saute it... you can cook it just about any way you want that suits your fancy!

The fun part of the dining experience was flipping the sign from "Run Forrest Run"  when you're just deciding what to eat, to "Stop Forrest Stop" when you're ready to order your pescatarian food.

Forrest Gump Special - Just like Forrest likes it! Leautenant Dan will agree too!

I guess I can say I was on a macrobiotic diet with fish for a week. I drank coconut water right from the coconut itself. You can't get any more organic and pristine than that!

Farmers market were loaded with organic Sapote also know as Mamey that taste like cooked pumpkin in the form of ripe fruit and so much more! So I had my fill of exotic fruits. 

You just gotta live your life, you know. Please, don't try to be perfect! Just think of all the starving people in the world. You're lucky you get to eat 3 square meals a day! Dieting is the least of their problems.

A homeless guy came to us while we're eating by the seaside and he was begging us to give him some food. So how could you be so picky with food when there are a lot of starving people out in the world? 

Don't be spoiled and greedy worrying so much about diets. Some folks don't even know where their next meal is coming from. 

So there's nothing evil about eating seafood on occasion when you're relaxing from all the chaotic life away from all the noise of the world about vegan diets. Even the Bible states events about eating fish and fishing!

Where to eat is as important as what you eat. So eating on the oceanfront in Fort Lauderdale Florida was just relaxing having cones filled with Forrest Gump special seafood.  I was a partial vegetarian with fish on my plate. Sigh.

If the fish is a wild catch and not farmed, I'll dig in. I'm not a fan of farmed fish. What they feed those fishes is terrifying. You want to eat clean food and just be the friendly.

A friendly practical vegetarian is much better than a mean vegan!

Note: Pescetarian Diet is a type of vegetarianism that include fish in their eating lifestyle.

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