Are you a partial vegetarian?

A lot of foods are bad for you these days. Eating meat is unnecessary. But sometimes it's hard not to be a partial vegetarian or not being vegan enough, unless you want to just have ice cubes for dinner.

In reality, you're a partial vegetarian when the food you're eating is not one hundred percent free of animal derived ingredients. In today's civilization every food that are even just slightly processed has animal derivatives. 

Japanese Rice balls with shrimpAsian rice balls served at a restaurant by the beach on the boardwalk. It has bits and pieces of shrimp mixed with rice flour and fried crisp. These are served with a salsa dip and dressing. So there's a little pescetarian action here.

Something to think about:

How can you be sure that the veggie burger you ordered wasn't cooked in the same pan or grill that the other animal burgers were cooked in? For sure there's cross contamination in the process. 

What about the bun they used for your burger? Pretty sure they baked it with some butter and some animal secretion (milk).

How do you know that the muffin you're eating is actually super duper pure and don't contain a splash of dairy?

You weren't there when they made it.

They may be made using the same tools used to make cheese cakes, packed by non-vegan workers, delivered by a carnivorous truck driver and sold by a meat-eating grocer.

Here are more scary facts:

  • Fish these days are bad because they're farmed and said to be fed with animal feces and those that are not farmed are still filled with toxins. That's just gross!
  • Most meat are from farmed animals for mass production and they're just as nasty!
  • Corn could be GMO (genetically engineered) which makes it really bad and scary.
  • Canned foods are contaminated with BPA which is toxic
  • Fruits and veggies may be sprayed with chemicals unless you grow them yourself or buy them organic from a Farmers market.
  • Water equals bad, unless it went through a reverse osmosis filtration system. So, don't be too sure of those ice cubes you just wanna have for dinner because there's nothing else (insert sarcasm here)!
  • The cookies you ate weren't made by your vegan Aunt or Grandma so that could be bad. They might have sneaked in some dairy in them too from a farmed animal stabbed with hormones.
  • Eggs are no good, unless they're cage-free (free to scratch the ground), certified organic and not injected with antibiotics.
  • Soy and palm oil are no good now just when we're getting comfortable with them.
  • Sugar is an enemy.
  • ... and so on and so forth.

The list goes on and on! What shall we do? Food has gone confusing!

So some of us know that eating animals is gross and totally not necessary. But there are times when we don't even know what we're really eating specially when we are on the go, out and about in this world filled with carnivores!

It's a good thing and much easier to be a partial vegetarian and not vegan enough sometimes. It's not always easy being vegan because you are not really sure if you are eating really pure veggie food unless you prepared them yourself in your own veggie kitchen.

So whether you are vegan, occasional vegetarian or doing a macrobiotic diet with fish, the best thing to do is to choose whole clean foods. The simpler the food is, the better.  Sticking with fruits you can peel off the skin and organic vegetables is the absolute best!

So, it doesn't really matter if you're just a partial vegetarian on occasion. The world is full of mistakes. That's why erasers were invented!

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