Are you an Ovo Lacto Vegetarian? If you eat eggs and cheese but no meat, then you are an ovo-lacto veggie!

An Ovo Lacto vegetarian diet has it's own benefits. Be an Ovo Lacto. You won't get prosecuted here. Have your eggs and cheese. What you put in your body is no'body's' business. 

There's nothing wrong with being an ovo lacto vegetarian, meaning, you include eggs and milk in your diet. It's way healthier than a junkie veggie who eat chips and donuts on a daily, right?

Ovo-Lacto vegetarian dinnerA sample of an ovo lacto vegetarian pasta dish with organic garden herbs harvested from the backyard garden topped with grated cheese and chunks of hard cheeses.

Vegans may not agree but in today's lifestyle, being a strict vegetarian may not be possible in certain situations unless you want to starve to death.

If you are a constant traveler, you will find that being a vegan or strict vegetarian is just close to impossible. Everywhere you go you'll have food staring at you with some sort of animal derivatives in it. Well, such as modern life. Life is short.

So when I travel, I just pick the healthiest possible way. Then come home and just do a major detox diet and eat clean veggie food. Done deal. No big deal. You have one body, one life and it's short. Enjoy. 

Check out this ovo lacto recipe.

  • 1/2 box of Cannelini pasta (you can use any pasta)
  • Lots of garlic
  • 5 stalks of flat parsley
  • a handful of fresh garden Basil
  • a handful of fresh Oregano
  • Grated Parmesan Cheese
  • Chunks of hard cheese for topping

Note: These herbs were from my backyard garden.

Boil the pasta as directed in the package.

While boiling it, chop the garlic and set aside.

Chop up all the herbs. Garden herbs are great because they are so fresh and the aroma is just awesome! 

When the pasta is tender turn the heat off and don't drain. 

In a frying pan, put some oil in it (I use coconut oil) like Olive oil or something and fry up the garlic until soft. Take some of the liquid from the pasta and add it to the garlic. It should sizzle and your kitchen should smell absolutely delicious.

Pour the garlic and the juices into the pasta with all the liquid in it and add the chopped mix of herbs. Smell the aroma. 

Then, because you are an ovo-lacto vegetarian, you love cheese so you can have it. Go right ahead there and add it. Enjoy a cheesy life. Chop some hard cheeses of your choice.

I used Locatelli or Parmesano Romano in mine. Serve it on top of the huge mound of pasta on your plate. Grate the cheese if you wish and sprinkle away.

Vegans can omit the cheese and stop here without adding the cheese and enjoy this herbed pasta without it. It's absolutely delicious without the cheese. It's definitely one of the best clean vegetarian entrees out there. Lots of flavor.

Absolutely delish. I can eat this everyday with or without the cheese. The smell of the fresh garden herbs wonderful and mouth-watering. It's one of the very inexpensive vegetarian entrees out there. Who can go wrong with just pasta and lots of garden herbs? It's a real low budget healthy ovo lacto vegetarian food.

Traveling will be a little easier when the entire world serves animal derivatives in virtually every corner! More likely you'll be eating food cooked with some kind of butter or cheese or contaminated with non-vegan ingredients.

There will always be some sort of an egg ingredient in your food. Your oatmeal will probably contain some milk. They just won't tell you, unless you painfully ask.

It's a struggle to be real picky with food when you are away. Even when you order a salad, you may think you're safe when all of a sudden you get the house salad dressing that's loaded with umm... cheese! 

So might as well stick to some ovo lacto vegetarian recipes. This vegetarian dinner recipe can be a winner if you are following a semi-vegetarian diet. You can always ease into a strict veggie or a vegan diet when you are ready.

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