Organic Coconut Water - The best sport's drink from mother nature. 

No. We're not talking about that stuff from a can. We mean fresh organic coconut water here, the one that comes right off the actual coconut.

Thirsty? My mouth is watering and I'm craving for organic coconut water! While sports drinks are a craze these days, I wouldn't touch it and rather go for natural mineral water from a coconut. It's that liquid that comes out when you crack a coconut open with a machete or a bolo (if you are Filipino.) That, my friend is the ultimate sport's drink! 

Coconut water is the actual water that comes out of a fresh coconut when you crack it open. Coconut water from a young coconut tastes sweeter. When it's super fresh, it leaves a little tingle in your tongue when you drink it.

Health benefits of coconut water:

Organic coconut water is precisely flavored by nature. It has the perfect sweetness and known to have more potassium than bananas. It contains electrolytes and deliciously hydrating. Stories have been told that during World War ll, soldiers used coconut water for electrolytes. For sure it's way better than Intravenous mineral rescue. It's extremely delicious too!

In the Philippines, in most parts of the country, coconuts are produced in large quantities. If you wanna learn about cooking with coconut, check with a Filipino cook. I for one, as a Pinay living in the US, cooks with this nut milk whenever possible. It's way better than nipple milk, if you know what I mean!

Filipinos that are a native of Bicol region cook almost anything with this nut, from main meals to desserts to snacks, they use coconuts on just about anything they cook. They even make the best oil from them too. You will find this ingredient in most Filipino dessert recipes.

Here's a short video you can watch about coconut water and preparing coconuts for cooking in the Philippines. The people there are an expert in preparing coconut milk.

This was filmed in Naga city Philippines right inside the local market where they grate coconuts, sell them by kilo and it's free to drink all the organic coconut water you want! 

Coconut milk recipe is so easy! You take that grated coconut and just add some water, press the milk from it and you got it. You can use a cheese cloth if you want. The natives in the Philippines just press the coconut milk from grated coconuts with their hands. No big deal.

There's also young coconuts which are preferable as a dessert. They are also called 'Buko'. When they are young, the husk is moist and it can easily be peeled by wacking it with a bolo (a Filipino machete or long knife). You cut the top off and drink the liquid from it. It tastes nutty with just the right amount of sweetness and extremely hydrating!

Heck, those vitamin drinks that claim to have this ingredient is a waste of time and money. Don't be fooled. You're lucky if you get 10% of the real ingredient in it, and if it has it, it's been dead a long time ago. No live enzymes there. The rest are bogus and with chemicals that can actually harm you.

Hey, one 'live' coconut is less than 2 bucks. How much does it cost for that acid drink a.k.a. sports drink?

Okay, so just get the good stuff and drink it. It's the original sports drink from nature! It's that simple. It will do your body a lot of good.

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