Orange Smoothies - Breakfast in a glass fast and easy.

Do you like oranges? Good! Let's put them in your blender and call it a meal in a glass. Orange Smoothies are perfect for busy people of all ages!

Making sensational orange smoothies for breakfastNothing like cold Orange Smoothies for breakfast. I crave them even in the winter. They're super easy and they're really yummy full of nutrition that your body craves.

If you like oranges, then you gotta love breakfast smoothies made with oranges as well. This easy smoothie recipe calls for that juicy oranges that you can put in a glass and make them a filling meal for breakfast or snacks. 

Power up with easy and healthy breakfast smoothies like this and you'll have all the energy you need plus you'll meet your nutritional recommended daily allowance of fruits for the day.  

How many oranges can you consume in one whole setting? You can't consume half a dozen oranges and a couple of bananas all at once, but if you put them in your blender with some ice, you'll be able to chug them down right?

Honest, it taste like a creamsicle!

Making Orange SmoothiesSweet Orange Segments - these are so delicious all on its own!
  • 3 Frozen Bananas
  • 6 Pitted Large Dates
  • A couple drops Vanilla Extract
  • A tiny bit of ground cinnamon
  • Oranges (about half a dozen or so) Use more for a family size Pitcher of smoothie
  • Nut Milk like almond milk (I used a handful of raw cashew nuts and water)
  • ice water plus ice to get it all started

Note: For nut milk, you can use organic soy milk or almond milk. I just happened to have raw cashews so I just blended a handful of them with water.

Put all that good stuff in a blender and give them a whirl until smooth. You don't need any sugar in this stuff. This blend is sweet enough.

Pour this concoction in a pretty glass. Stick a fat straw in it and sip. If it's early in the morning, then that's your breakfast. If it's in between two meals, then you can call you orange smoothie a snack. 

It's a perfect vegan breakfast. It's smooth and creamy just like a creamsicle ice pop. It's a healthy dessert for breakfast.

You can eat all those orange segments as a meal, but if you want to make it more exciting pop them in a blender and just whirl. Breakfast is done in a jiffy. This stuff is also good as an in between meal. 

Got left-over smoothie? Freeze them and make a healthy popsicle!

Kids love popsicles! Grown-ups love them too. But why give them those store-bought ones when you can make something so natural, healthy and delicious?

So when oranges are in season, make your day an orange breakfast day. You can never go wrong with this fruit. Switch up a glass of orange juice with this easy smoothie recipe!

Making smoothies is so quick and easy. You can put it in a tightly sealed container and tote it to work or play. 

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