Orange Julius Recipe - So good, even Julia Child will agree.

The blender is calling for this Orange Julius recipe. It's sweet and tasty, no sugar added and not even nipple milk. Let's call it Orange Julie!

This Orange Julius recipe will remind you of that real branded commercial smoothie drink. It's even better and will make you feel good knowing that you are putting the purest ingredients in it for a health deposit to your body. Nothing processed. No sugar. Just real fruits.

Vegetarian Orange Julius made with nothing but pure natural ingredientsThese oranges are very easy to peel and they don't have any seeds. Blended with bananas and raw cashews, it tastes cleaner than the original Orange Julius without all the added bad sugar and powdered additives.

If you are thinking of starting a raw food diet, start it with a delicious raw food breakfast. Have some refreshing simple smoothies to start your day.

This Orange Julius recipe will be your 'go to' breakfast beverage that might make you ditch that caffeinated cup of coffee.

These mandarin oranges are the best of the season. I bought them from the Asian market on Long Island New York. The last time I had sweet oranges like this was aboard an Aircraft Carrier in Japan. Japan has some really beautiful mandarins with peels that come right off the fruit!

I like to chew my oranges specially when they are so sweet but I'm just craving for the taste of Orange Julius! So here's the end result.


Stepping back on memory lane, I used to love Orange Julius. But that was way too sugary now that I think about it. With this Orange Julius recipe, I was able to duplicate a better and cleaner taste without all the milk goo, sugar and all the unknown mysterious powdered ingredients they add to it.

This is the real thing all the way! 

The Basic:

  • 2 or 3 frozen bananas 
  • a handful of raw cashew nuts or almond to replace nipple milk
  • Seedless mandarin oranges or navel oranges as much as you can put in the blender or you can use equal parts of bananas and oranges. Just eyeball it.

(Tip: make sure they don't have the orange pits though, pits will make your glass of Julie all bitter)

  • Ice Cubes
  • Ice Water
  • about six pitted large dates to produce natural sweetness

Give that basic a little twist:

Add about a teaspoon of turmeric powder. You know how good that stuff is for your body? Yes, turmeric is known to curb inflammation. It's a super food, so just add it up in there. PLUS, it makes the color so beautiful. So for the color alone, just add it in.

Like peanut butter? Go right ahead. Add a teaspoon in it.

Add more ice if you want.

Just give your high speed blender a whirl until your Orange Julie is smooth and all the ice cubes are broken down.

It's love at first sip. I could drink this every morning. This can be the easiest raw food breakfast beverage for me everyday of the week.

It fills you up and if you opt to put some turmeric powder in it, it doubles the efficacy of any vitamin smoothie in terms of nutrients. You'll have a delicious anti-inflammatory drink!

With peanut butter, the tastes is superb. It's my number one in my list of easy smoothies you can make for a raw food breakfast.

Give it a try. You will love it. Here are other recommended raw food breakfast and  breakfast smoothies:

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