Japanese Onigiri Recipe

Do you like Japanese rice balls called Onigiri? Good. Here's the ever simple Onigiri recipe for you.

This Japanese Onigiri recipe is made vegetarian with simple fillings that are familiar and easy to find here in the States.

Onigiri RecipeSimple homemade Onigiri with vegetarian vegan filling. Pop 'em in your mouth and you won't be disappointed.

While traveling Japan, I fell in love with Japanese Onigiris. So I just had to make my very own vegetarian Onigiri recipe that calls for nothing else but simple easy to find ingredients. These Japanese snacks are satisfying and delicious plus they are perfect to bring along with you for a simple lunch or whenever hunger pang strikes at you.

These come in a variety of fillings. The ones with the plum filling became a favorite. So let's make some and modify them a bit.

My hands are no expert in making those triangular shapes so I cheated and went on Amazon to get some DIY Onigiri Rice Ball Molds to help me out.
Japanese Onigiri recipeThis is the original onigiris I bought in Japan packed in this little plate with pink sakura flower designs. These have plum filling in them.

Notice that these Japanese rice balls are triangular. You can always make them rounded with pretty little face from cut-out Nori. 

If you wanna get fancy you can get this CuteZCute Seaweed Nori Punch Decorating Tool to make some really cute ones with little faces on them.
  • Cooked sticky rice or sushi rice 
  • A few Toasted Nori sheets
  • Rice Vinegar
  • Sugar and Salt to taste
  • Filling of choice 

Rule: For every 2 cups of cooked rice add 1/4 cup rice vinegar, 1/4 tsp of sugar and 1/4 tsp of salt for a perfect sushi rice.

Cook the sushi rice in your favorite Rice Cooker. according to package directions.

Cooking sticky rice is just as the same as the regular rice so no worries. The rice cooker will do all the cooking.

Once the Sushi rice is cooked, scoop them in a mixing bowl to cool off a bit.

In a small bowl mix some rice vinegar, a little salt and a bit of sugar.

Fill each side of the mold with the rice mixture. Add some filling. (I used left-over sauteed mushrooms.)

Press the two sides of the mold together. It should form a triangular Onigiri when you take the rice from the mold.

Wrap with a sheet of Nori.

You can get this Seaweed Nori Punch Decorating Tool for cute Onigiris.

Perfect take along snack. Great for picnic or going for a boat ride. Better than any mayonnaise based American sandwiches.

Make this Japanese Onigiri. It's so easy!

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