Nutritious Smoothies: A gruesomely awesome Halloween beverage. No need to be frightened.

Stay healthy everyday of the year with nutritious smoothies even on hectic holidays. Beware of Halloween candies, they're totally creepy. 

Nutritious smoothies are gruesomely tasty. Even the Zombies would love to have homemade fruit smoothies like this with the bats, cats, mummies, ghouls and their really old friends in Spooktober.

Nutritious SmoothieA spookylicious nutritious drink for Halloween or any day of the year. Go green and masquerade for the night with total energy.

This is what's not brewing in the kitchen - a healthy green smoothie.

This Halloween cocktail will make a great beverage whether you're following a simple raw food diet or not.

It's okay. You can be as wicked as you can be for the holidays. Just make this healthy smoothie recipe. This is green and delicious.

So yeah, precisely you are in the vicinity of the Wicked Kitchen.

You may have a seat please. May we offer you some healthy Halloween drink?

What you see is what you get:

  • No crosses.
  • No mirrors.
  • No garlic allowed.

You can have apples, but no packaged food please. The mummies are in dire need of a raw food detox diet. They just want a simple diet. No frog legs please! Don't be ghoulish.

You can use any green vegetable of your choice here. A few leaves of kale are great for this smoothie. Just try it. It's goof-proof. It's a spooky awesome beverage.

  • Any green mean leafy vegetables you like
  • Green apples, two or three will do.
  • Cucumbers are allowed
  • Bananas - use frozen if you want, the zombies won't mind
  • A few slices of Pineapple - those really old friends like it sweet.
  • No garlic is in sight.

To make it really green, don't add fruit with a tint of red. Use the green apples or yellow delicious apples as they will blend in with the greens perfectly and will not interfere with the green color. Don't be afraid. Relax.

You know, the more colors you put in there, the more your juice or smoothie will turn brown as so many colors cancel each other out. You know, some of those guests like the pumpkin eaters will definitely mind.

To sweeten the smoothie, use the pears or those green and yellow apples, whichever you prefer. 

Zap them all in a High Speed Blender. Pour it in a Spooky Halloween Wine Glass.

Get spunky, drink and repeat if you are still thirsty! Spook all your guests away.

It's bone chilling! It's spookingly delicious! This green smoothie is naturally sweet. This is a nutritious smoothie every 'boil and ghoul' will love. Because you know, they may need a diet of raw food as well and a vegan non-flesh diet.

Happy haunting! Enjoy the scarefest but beware of the isolated hut down yonder. We will be watching you from our crystal ball. 

Happy Halloween!

So get busy and put on your Spooky Apron

Make it green or make it bloody red. Your choice. You are the juice master in the house here. Spooking is necessary. Making nutritious smoothies right in your kitchen is an absolute must. The health benefits will never let you down.

Not only that it will keep your weight off, you will have your dessert guilt-free everyday of the week... yeah, even during the holidays!

So, you got your Holiday Apron on yet?

What's your idea of a Halloween cocktail? Think Incredible Haulk, strong, green and powerful. Homemade fruit smoothies are way better than those tinted colored drinks sold in stores. 

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