Morning Fruit Shake

Morning Smoothie from a health magazine dated back in 2004. Oh my, check out the ingredients! It's scary. It includes a terrifying dose of artificial sweetener.

Morning Smoothie from a health magazine dated back in 2004. Oh my, check out the ingredients! It's scary. It includes a terrifying dose of artificial sweetener.

Here's a morning fruit shake that's from a magazine insert. It's funny that years ago, like 10 decades ago yogurt is considered a healthy alternative to junk food. Now that we know better, it's not as healthy as they said it years ago. But if you love yogurt, you go ahead indulge, be a practical veggie.

So here goes the ingredients. I'll repeat what was said in the photo above:

- 1 cup reduced-calorie cranberry juice
- 2 medium ripe bananas, sliced
- 2 cartons (8 onces each) fat free raspberry yogurt or flavor of choice
- Fresh raspberries

!Sugar! substitute equivalent to 1 tablespoon sugar and few drops of food coloring, optional. For real? Really? Aw, that hurts.

Wow! I can't believe this came from a health magazine that actually states food coloring was healthy and sugar substitute was a healthy choice. Yup, this was from a magazine published in 2004. The world got better now that's it's 2015.

Today, more and more people are actually waking up to reality that high fructose corn syrup found in food and sugar substitute are a slow death to humans and food coloring is actually poison.

There is no need to put any food color to a smoothie. You want green? Put some spinach in it. You want red? How about some strawberries or cherries or even cranberries.

You want it sweet? No need for sugar or sugar substitute. Real fruit has all the fructose you want that your body needs without poisoning your bloodstream. Use real food with true colors. Dates are naturally sweet. Use that in place of sugar! Raw honey is much better too, at least it has all the health benefits in it.

Here's my idea of a morning fruit shake redesigned for a real healthy no artificial ingredient:

- a handful of cranberries ( I buy them in bulk when they're in season and freeze them)

- 2 frozen or fresh ripe bananas

- a handful of raw nuts (almond and cashews are my favorite) or 1 cup of almond milk.

- fresh raspberries or strawberries or even cherries for sweetness and amazing red color.

- add some pitted dates if you want it real sweet.

Process in a high speed blender. Add some ice and more filtered water if needed. Pour in a pretty glass and sip from a big fat straw.

How was it?

Better than the original recipe with that calls for that awful cancerous sugar substitute and poisonous food coloring.

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