Modonna - The Material Girl is a Vegetarian Babe.

Who's that girl? Vegetarian Madonna!

Who's that girl? Vegetarian Madonna!

Who's that girl? Oh, that's Madonna, the vegetarian babe eating 'Like a Virgin'. LOL

It's not just rumors that Madonna is a vegetarian. She really is! How do you think she keeps that figure? This vegetarian babe is ageless.

She loves to workout for sure. She's been noted to be an Ashtanga lover, the kind of Yoga that involves all the hidden muscles you never knew you have. It's a very rigorous workout if you must know.

Ashtanga Yoga will make your body sweat then you can enjoy a tall glass of organic carrot juice after. Yoga and being vegetarian will keep you fit no matter what age you are.

Some say she's into a macrobiotic diet which involves eating organic (real) food like vegetables and fruits while avoiding animal flesh. You eat mainly grains as your staple. You don't eat dead processed food in the Macrobiotic regimen.

What's Madonna's ageless beauty secret? Yup, you guessed it. That is no secret. Her diet and her workout. That's pretty basic for every human on this planet earth. You gotta move it to lose it, right?

She's a dancer, as most of us already know that. Dancing is a workout in itself. I mean, look at all that lean muscle on her arms and legs. She gets her protein from plants and muscles from the workout.

My favorite quote that's probably not very famous was in the 80's while watching her Blond Ambition stuff on TV. I've quoted her saying: "I'm not really blond, wanna see my pubic hair?" LOLz

Well, that's the original Madonna for you. She's witty. She's a singer. She's an actress and could pass as a comedian.

Although she was quoted also that she has a weakness for eating sticky sweet stuff, though if they're dairy-free only. Who the heck wants those animal gunk on their food? Yuk.

I think Macrobiotic Diet is a good eating lifestyle. Poorer Asian people are merely on a macrobiotic diet powered by whole grains and vegetables. More affluent Asians eat a lot of animal products and you could see the big difference in terms of health issues.

Madonna is a vegetarian celebrity babe. She looks gorgeous for her age!

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Dec 30, 2014
Classic Ageless Vegetarian Madonna
by: Anonymous

Oh yes. Drum roll and thumbs up to this vegetarian singer, artist, actress, yogini, hottie, mother and blonde beauty!

But is she really a blonde? Did she get that beautiful ageless skin from her vegetarian lifestyle eating clean cruelty-free food? I guess she does huh?

She's gotta be in her 50s, yes, she's 56 years old as we speak about her here. She's the babe of the 80s. She's a vegetarian hottie even at her age now. She will be a hottie when she's 70 because of her vegetarian lifestyle plus being active in Yoga and dancing while eating clean meatless food.

Just take a look at those nice muscular arms and legs. She owe it to being a Yogini. Ashtanga Yoga is very involved with muscles and it's definitely a fine workout in itself even if she don't dance, she'll define her muscles by just doing Yoga.

It's amazing how many Hollywood superstars are vegetarians and even vegans. Madonna is a favorite veggie for some.

I hope ageless vegetarian Madonna raise her kids to be veggies as well.

Vegetarianism and Yoga goes together to build a sexy lean body.

Voting for Madonna as the classic ageless vegetarian in Hollywood here. I want her featured as the sexiest vegetarian vegan for 2015!

Happy New Year to all. Anybody has a healthy dessert recipe to share?

New Years resolution starts now. Staying vegetarian like Madonna.

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