Mason Jar Salad Recipes - Air out, flavor in. No more soggy salads!

Assemble your meal all in one container. Yep, including your favorite salad dressing! Mason jar salad recipes are a breeze to make.

Mason Jar SaladMason jar salad recipes can be assembled ahead of time. Here's an easy vegetarian salad packed with wholesome nutrition from living food bursting with flavor.

Ever made salads and got all soggy come lunch or dinner time? Fear no more, there are easy vegetarian salad in a jar to the rescue.

Mason jar salads are a genius idea for lunches, for picnics or any other movable feast. You can layer any vegetables in the jar, arrange it  like a parfait, pour in the dressing and off you go. It's completely toteable. 

Salad in a jar is really a great way to bring your lunch to the beach or at the office and keep it airtight. The trick to have a crunchy fresh salad is to put the salad dressing in first then followed by whatever addition you want in there.

When you put the salad dressing in the jar first, it will stay at the bottom of the jar keeping all your green veggies fresh and crisp and not get soggy.

What's neat about this idea is that you can make individual jars with different fruits and vegetables for every person according to their preferences.

Have you ever eaten a soggy salad soaked in that oily salad dressing? Yuk! Make your mixed salad recipe in a jar!

When you're ready for your meal, just pull out your salad in a jar , shake it well and you have your fresh delicious salad.

The mason jars used for these salads are the pint and a half variety. They were discontinued but now they're back in stock. They have replaced my everyday drinking glasses. They look sleek with air tight covers. It stores just about anything you want to preserve fresh and they serve as practical drinking glasses!

Going on a picnic and a member of the family prefers different fruits and veggies or dressings in their salad? No problem. You can personalize according to their preferences.

Got some great salad recipes? Okay, assemble them in jars. Dressing go first. Make like a salad parfait. Store them in the fridge and when you're ready grab one and tote it along with you for lunch.

Lunch time comes... shake, pour into a bowl and everything stays fresh and crispy - not soggy.

Mason jar salad recipes can simplify a very busy life. It's an easy peasy method whether you're for a vegetarian salad recipe or something with a twist of your own. Cheers to an absolute tasty grab and go meal. 

Salad in a jar makes a really cool looking and tasty healthy meal prepared with hardly any effort.

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