Mango Salad Recipe - Avocado Mango Salsa

If you love mangoes, then this mango salad recipe is for you. If you wanna call it salsa, then go ahead. Be that way! 

Mango salad recipe: Get yourself a fork and dig in!

Mango Salad RecipeWe like to call this mango salad recipe: Avocado Mango Salsa. If you'd like to name it another name then please feel free to call it anything. This combination of avocado and mango is just perfect.

When mangoes are in season, we like to buy a lot of them. In fact, if I had my way and planted mango tree as my major food source when this fruit is in season

I'd eat a dozen for breakfast, repeat it for lunch and do the same for dinner. I can survive on this fruit and never ask for any other. No BS. 

These mangoes are made to be eaten ripe and uncooked. They're juicy and they may be rather messy to eat for you. 

There are so many types of mangoes but my favorite one are the Ataulfo mangoes. You know, the ones that are really yellow in color and not stringy like the others. They're sweet and creamy.

There's also the Indian type. We've seen those at our favorite Indian market place in New York where we love to go careening from store to store on a weekend after church. Indian food markets are one of the best.

I hate to brag, but the best mangoes are found in the Philippines. You see them peeled semi-ripe mangoes being sold on the street markets along with salted peanuts. 

So get your Nice Salad Bowl ready. Somehow, salads look even yummier when food are all prettied up nestled in a nice container where you can feast your eyes first then you devour!
  • Chunks of Ripe Ataulfo mangoes. (Please try to resist from eating them because you'll end up with nothing for the salsa.)
  • Chunks of any type of avocado (Avocados come in different kinds as well so you can use whatever type you like.
  • A handful of  chopped cilantro
  • Juice of a couple of limes
  • A pinch of salt (optional but not necessary)

Mix the chunky fruits. Mash up the avocado chunks a little bit so it becomes a little creamy to coat the mango chunks. Add the chopped cilantro in the mix and pour in the lime juice and the pinch of salt (if you like).

Mix again until they're all happy together and looks all yummy and you can't resist it any longer. Serve and enjoy. Please do share with someone. 

Get a Nice Salad Bowl and scoop yourself some.

We love it scooped with some home baked potato chips or Naan triangles. This is vegan and vegetarian diet friendly so we make this often specially when these fruits are available and are in season.

If you love fruits, then you'll understand why the raw food diet is very easy and being a fruitarian is really a simple way of eating.  There's nothing to it and it cost so much less than buying dead animal pieces.

Put this mango salad recipe and archive it to your raw food diet list!

How I Eat Mangoes when Nobody is Looking!

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