Mamey Ice Cream - It's a different kind of special.

It's totally okay to binge on this Mamey Ice Cream. It's a safe guilt-free dessert that you can indulge on.

What makes this Mamey Ice Cream extra special? Well, there's no preservative, artificial anything or emulsifier in it. Just pure creamy ripe Mamey a.k.a sapote fruit is used as the main ingredient.

Mamey Ice CreamMamey a.k.a Sapote Ice Cream made with real Mamey fruit served on a real hot day making you want to eat a hundred scoops - well, literally.

Yup. A very ripe Mamey fruit also called Sapote is the base ingredient in this ice cream.

Mamey or Sapote is naturally creamy when ripe and it has a bright beautiful orange color. 

You eat this fruit when it's really super ripe and almost mushy otherwise it's not totally palatable or agreeable to your palate when it's not ripe enough.

This fruit is fairly large and abundant in temperate climates. It has a big black seed and that's how this fruit propagate. 

Mamey fruitCreamy ripe Mamey or Sapote fruit ready to be devoured for breakfast. It has just the right sweetness to it so it can be diabetic friendly.

When they say foods that come in orange have beta carotene, they ain't kidding. They're good for your hair, skin, eyes and your overall health too.

Eat this fruit plus your carrots too and your beta carotene issue is well taken cared of.

Better yet, make this Sapote ice cream. Here's the recipe for you!

  • 1 very ripe Sapote or Mamey flesh without the skin
  • 2 ripe frozen fresh very ripe banana 
  • 1 cup fresh coconut milk (you can also use coconut cream) if you are not vegan go ahead and use heavy cream otherwise if you are vegan just you some kind of nut milk.
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Choice of sweetener (Agave nectar, raw honey, maple syrup) just avoid that table sugar.
  • If you are non-vegan you can use condensed milk to sweeten more.
Put all the ingredients in a Nice Food Processor that can accommodate the whole fruit plus other ingredients.

Process until smooth, thick and creamy. 

Note: Mamey is not a really sweet fruit so taste as you add your sweetener as you go along with the processing.

You can also process this mixture using a High Speed Blender.

When everything is smooth and creamy, put the mixture in a container and freeze for a few hours.

Scoop and serve on a cone or a pretty dish.

TIP: Even better, get your Favorite Ice Cream Maker and freeze it ahead of time. Pour the mamey mixture into it and process. It comes out even better!

It's a delicious fruit ice cream with a beautiful natural color!

Most ice creams out there have artificial colors like yellow #5, red dye # something and etc.

This Mamey ice cream has none of that artificial stuff - just a yummy dessert with pure natural color from the fruit. 

Get a scoop of that! Well, make it two and maybe three!

Sapote for breakfast? Why not?

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