Making smoothies is the perfect replacement to cooking complicated meals. 

There is no rule to making smoothies, except if you are a diabetic, rule out the sweet mix. 

Making smoothies is the easiest food preparation there is, otherwise. Though if you are a diabetic who's watching your sugar intake, just go easy on the sweet fruits and up the green factor with the veggies.

red dragon fruit smoothie

Whether you are making protein shakes, fruit smoothies, green smoothies or whatever fruits and vegetables you have available, it always comes out delicious and satisfying.

Making a nutritious smoothie is a fool-proof raw food recipe that's perfect as a replacement meal.

Easy smoothie tip:

Load up on bananas and freeze them when they're ripe. Bananas are the best base in almost every smoothie. If you notice the display in smoothie shops out there, you will always see a bunch of bananas on the display.

Blend any fruits you like and mix them with vegetables available to you. Seasonal fruits are best because they are cheaper when they are in season and they're also in their most nutritious state.

making smoothies with dragon fruit.Simple Tropical smoothies with dragon fruit.

If you have avoided some green vegetables in the past, try adding them into your smoothies and sweeten them with fruits.

Kale is not a favorable veggie for some people but when you put them in your smoothie, you'll hardly notice that it's in there. They're delicious blended in.

Making excellent smoothies at home is so easy and so much cheaper than buying the ones prepared for you at a smoothie stand that can cost a lot of money. These are also loaded with sugar and not cool if you are a diabetic.

Besides being pricey, there is always a filler in the form of powder and other flavor enhancers in the store bought smoothies.

Normally, they add lots of sugar to it, some sort of yogurt, food coloring and other flavor enhancers. Well, we really don't need all that!

There's really nothing to learn. Just get some colorful juicy fruits, mix them with any vegetable you like and blend away. A raw food recipe is always easy. No cooking. No hassle.

It's in theory that the best way to consume more fruits and vegetables is to make them into a drinkable form such as smoothies or juice. Beautiful colored fruits like dragon fruits make wonderful delicious raw food and colorful tropical smoothies.

Dragon fruits have low glycemic index so they are diabetic friendly. These fruits make great smoothies for diabetes.

Ingredients are what you see:

  • Bananas (just enough to sweeten it)
  • Asian Pear
  • Dragon Fruit (Pink version)
  • Water or healthy nut milk to get the blender started.

Cram them all in a Vitamix blender and zap them into a delicious beautiful purple smoothie. It's breakfast for champions in a hurry. Eat with your eyes first then devour it.

This easy smoothie recipe is exploding with colors!

Making smoothies in the dog days of summer is like heavens. In the winter, it's convenience when the days are short and always in a rush.

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