Macrobiotic Diet with Fish - What is it exactly?

You can't call yourself a vegetarian if you eat seafood, right? If you eat organic whole foods with it, you're on a macrobiotic diet with fish. Fair enough.

If you go on a macrobiotic diet with fish, you are on the right track. That's so much healthier than what the majority eats.

Eaten in Yokohama Japan. This qualifies for a macrobiotic meal. It has shredded Daikon radish and shredded cabbage served raw with fresh caught sushi. Toppings include fish as well.

Just guessing that if you are on a macrobiotic diet with fish, you'll fit perfectly in Japan or any Asian country where fish is served on a daily with lots of green vegetables and whole grains with all types of rices.

Asian countries specially Japan is noted as the country with the highest longevity rate. People grow old to be centenarians there. The food they eat fits in the macrobiotic bracket.

Macrobiotic diet weight loss is achievable. You fill up with whole foods like fresh organic fruits and vegetables so you're less hungrier. You get to indulge in a little wild caught seafood so it's a good deal.

What is a Macrobiotic Diet, exactly?

A macrobiotic diet menu includes really fresh organic fruits and vegetables both cooked and raw to obtain the foods healing properties through their live nutrients and phyto-nutrients. 

In other words, this eating lifestyle aims for micro nutrients present in the food which has the highest nutrient density. When the food is organic and eaten raw, the healing quality is higher than those that are cooked.

This healthy diet also put emphasis on Asian vegetables like mushrooms, daikon radishes and seaweed or sea vegetables - just to name a few. This also includes unprocessed vegan food of course.

Macrobiotic Diet MenuChoices from the Salad Menu served at Lauderdale by the Sea restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Fresh salads include fresh caught fish right off the ocean, not farmed.

I must admit, I can say that I'm on a macrobiotic diet with occasional fish when I'm away from home surrounded by omnivores and carnivores.

As a practicing vegetarian at home, there's just a time when you have to opt for fish when you're out and about when there's nothing else to choose from. 

I'm just human and way far from being perfect. I am a sinner.

Sometimes, it's just not possible to ask for a vegan menu in a non-vegan restaurant. If looking for vegetarian food becomes stressful, it beats the purpose of living healthy. 

Being on a macrobiotic diet, you are going for whole foods such as salads and whole grains incorporating clean caught fish here and there. Do you think you can live with that?

Well and good.

Oh, did you hear? Even Madonna eats a macrobiotic diet. But don't just take my word for it. 

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