Low Fat Vegetarian Recipe

When it comes to a low fat vegetarian recipe, it has to be simple, affordable and taste good too. So here's one for you. Quick and easy.

A favorite low fat vegetarian recipe is the one that's low cost, nutritious and simply delicious. More over spaghetti, say hello to these little dumplings!

low fat vegetarian recipeVegan Perogies with steamed tender broccolini in amazing garlic sauce. A dish that will make your mouth say: Oh yeah, this is a party!

There's nothing like a budget friendly meal that you prepare in the comforts of your own kitchen. We're talking a pasta dish that does not hurt your budget and vegetarian-friendly too, in fact this will pass as vegan, your body will love you for it.

A low fat vegetarian recipe made with pasta is simply the way to go if you are budgeting and want a healthy satisfying meal.

Though when it comes to pasta, I usually pick the good quality ones. Sometimes, you get tired of the basic spaghetti noodle type stuff and you want something different, more appealing to the eyes as well as your appetite.

So we got some perogies cooking here. Who else loves Perogies? These little dumplings are always a hit. Make it saucy with lots of garlic and some herbs to give this dish a character better than the plain ordinary old spaghetti.

low fat vegetarian pastaLittle dumplings bathing in garlicky yumminess ready to please your hungry self.
Make sure you use a big Pasta Pot so your dumplings are free to swim around in this yummy garlic sauce.

If you think perogies are far from being vegan, you're wrong. Make this low fat vegetarian recipe using the potato filled or spinach perogies. Unless you are an ovo lacto, you can get the cheese filled version. 

  • 1 frozen package of vegetable perogies (sometimes they come in spinach or potato stuffed dumplings)
  • 1 bunch of broccolinis ( steamed)
  • 1 knob of big fat garlic
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
Get your favorite large pot and get that water boiling.

Blanch the broccolinis until crisp tender. Using tongs, take out or fish out the broccolinis from the water and set aside. Save them before they drown.

Add the frozen perogies to the boiling water.

You wanna use a big pot so these vegetarian dumplings have room to grow and dance around cooking themselves nicely without sticking to each other.

Here's a favorite pasta pot: The 4 Quart Gotham Steel Pasta Pot with Patented Built in Strainer with Twist N' Lock Handles. This is a really convenient pasta pot.

Dribble a little oil while it's boiling to prevent them from sticking.

While the dumplings are cooking, chop up the garlic. On the other side of the stove that's not in use, take a small pan to saute the garlic in olive oil just until they're soft. Do not burn these garlic.

Once the garlic is soft, put a cup of pasta water into the pan and set aside.

When the perogies are cooked, do not drain. Pour in the garlic sauce you just made into the pot, stir a bit and add the broccolinis. Add herbs if you must.

This method is used for making pasta con broccoli as well.

It's an upgrade to the usual spaghetti noodle dish. These pasta dumplings are amazing. It has more volume in every bite.

Try it with a vegetarian pasta sauce. You won't be disappointed.

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