The Low Fat Vegetarian Diet - Give your body all the lovin'.

What are the benefits of a low fat vegetarian diet? How do you implement it in your busy life?

You may say: "Who's got the time for a low fat vegetarian diet? I have a million things to do overlapping each other and it's just hard to maintain a diet when everyone around you are flesh eaters."

Roasted Pepper SandwichMaking Roasted Pepper Sandwich while on the boat. Peppers were roasted the day before. Sandwich was assembled right on the boat for a perfect yummy picnic on the water.

Welcome to my world. Everyday is a chaotic day and it seems like there's always a million things to do every single day. Maintaining a low fat vegetarian diet seems hard if you let it be hard.

Actually it's very easy to maintain a simple low fat diet when I'm pressed with time and there are so much things to do. It's just impossible to cram them all and get them done in one day.

But you know what? It's easy when you develop a mindset and think that you have to put yourself first and your health is your first priority. Taking care of your body should take precedence among others. After all, who's going to do all your task if your body's energy is depleted?

Vegetarian sandwich recipes are always a 'go to' dish. They are quick, easy, affordable, nutritious and low-fat. 

This is a video taken in the summer when life is very busy with work, fun and all the other errands that needed to be done - always rushing, always hustling. 

Things you can do to maintain a vegetarian diet low in fat:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Without breakfast, it's hard to make a sound decision in my daily activities and I can't seem to think straight. I feel jittery because my body is yearning for that fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

As a smoothie lover, it's the easiest way to up your vitamins and minerals for the day. There's nothing like a good cold frothy nutritious smoothie on a hot summer day.

Be a salad lover. Greens are the best sources of protein in a vegetarian vegan diet. Simple dressings done in your high speed blender can really make a delicious dressing that's way better than the store bought variety. There are no preservatives too.

The benefits? Well, your heart will definitely appreciate all the lovin' and it will keep on beating. A low fat diet will unclog the arteries and melt all that nasty gunk that gives you that muffin top making your body jiggle.

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