Jungle Juice Recipe - Jane recommended. Tarzan approved.

Make this jungle juice recipe with me as we sing-along with the jungle song!

This jungle juice recipe can make you energetic enough to make you want to swing in trees and ride an elephant or cheetas with the Jane and Tarzan in your life.

Jungle juice made with green vegetables sweetened with green apple, a bit of pineapple slices and a little ginger.

Green juices are great for breakfast and way better than that caffeinated morning java that only gives you temporary energy then put you into a slump ready for another fill after a few hours.

This jungle juice recipe will boost your energy that last all day. It's the original energy drink. Call it 'power drink' if you wish. Move over Starbucks. This drink is taking over!

This green jungle juice is loaded with chlorophyll of course, they're as green as the jungle! Chlorophyll works together in harmony with the hemoglobin in our body. It is loaded with minerals and phyto-nutrients that you don't find in any other food-like stuff they call food. 

Chlorophyll maybe responsible for life on earth. The sun manufactures this green substance in plants to which, in layman's term, is the blood of the plants necessary for its survival. 

You see, the more green plants you consume, the healthier you will be. You get a lot of roughage and cleans out your colon making it all healthy.

Take it up with Jane, the queen of the jungle if you have any question. Just sayin'... just to make you eat you broccoli out there.

...and if you don't trust Jane... well take it up with Tarzan. He can swing in trees and he eat lots of it for sure.

The sun and the chlorophyll are the number one manufacturers of protein. You see, the cow eat grass. It didn't kill another cow to get its protein. Same with all other plant eating mammals. They get their protein from plants. So should you!

What do you use to make jungle juice?

You can use any green vegetable that you like. Spinach is very mild tasting in juices. I happen to have some dandelions in my fridge so I made this juice with it. They're now available in the produce isle of your supermarket. Dandelions are a bit bitter so you can play around with it. You can add some sweet fruits to all your vegetable juice recipes.

Dandelions are not weeds. They medicinal plants!

Ingredients are what you see:

  • Pinapple
  • Dandelion leaves plus stems
  • Apple
  • Ginger for zing. Use an inch.

You can juice a lemon if you like. It's optional - unless you're me!

  • Feed them to the juicer.
  • Have a jungle toast with Jane or Tarzan in your life.

Fun fact: The word dandelion is actually derived from the French word 'dent-de-lion' which means the 'lion's tooth'. This name was given to the plant due to the sharp teeth replication of the leaves of the plant. The latin name for it is 'Taraxacum Officinale', or remedy for disorders! 

In the Spring, I go foraging in my backyard for dandelions with a bow and arrow - just kidding. They are considered weeds but if you ask me, it's an healing herb. Read up on it to find out its medicinal properties.

Dandelions coupled with other sweet fruits are a great mix in this jungle juice recipe.

I also think that dandelion flowers are pretty. They're roses without all the arrogance.

Let's go ask Tarzan, for sure the tree top swinger from jungle land will definitely agree.

Come and see more excellent juice recipes.

In the Spring, dandelions are growing wild. So this beverage is made with it for the greens and sweetened with pineapple and granny smith apples. 

Detox juicing with this green juice recipe is easier than you think. Dandelions are free and they're now available in supermarkets.

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