Juicing Tomatoes - Make yourself a V-8.

You know you don't eat enough vegetables. If you can't eat them, drink them! Start by juicing tomatoes with other veggies!

Try juicing tomatoes and up your vegetable intake! If you find it hard to eat them, juice them! Detox juicing can never be this good!

Tomatoes and Celery JuiceTomato Juice with red bell peppers and celery stalks. How's that for a tasty lycopene bomb right into your bloodstream? Make it your healthy drink ritual.

You can never swallow enough vegetables all in one setting. Best thing to do is zap the juice out of them, pour it in a glass and there you have it... a swoon worthy tomato vegetable juice!

This vegetable juice is loaded with anti-oxidants. It is rich in lycopene, the cancer-fighting phyto-nutrient from red ripe juicy tomatoes. Pair this with some carrots and you got your mega dose of beta-carotene for your eyes and so much more!

Celery stalks were added to this juice too. Celery is a vegetable that's known to be a medicinal plant in ancient times. It has its own natural salt that regulates the blood pressure. Celery juice and tomato juice make a real tasty drink.

Go ahead. Try it. Make it your every Friday ritual drink!

Do you want a super easy vegetable juice recipe? Try this ever easy tomato juice!

Ingredients can be modified to your liking.
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Tomatoes
  • Red Bell Peppers
  • Lime
  • Hot Sauce
  • Worcestershire Sauce

(Feel free to add other veggies to make a V-8)

  1. Kick it up a notch with lime.
  2. Add a splash of Worcestershire Sauce.
  3. Add a few drops of Hot Sauce for heat. 

It's a very nutritious drink good enough to make it a Friday night's healthy ritual. This is a vegetable juice recipe you will crave. Celery juice is excellent combined with any other vegetable.

This multi-vitamin juice got your back.

Juicing tomatoes and drinking vegetable juices are way far better than ingesting those chemical man-made pills from the pharmaceutical industry for vitamins. They just make your urine very expensive!

If you drink alcohol, quit that crap. That stuff is acid that will degenerate the normal living life out of you. It makes you act like a deranged mutant ape. The worst part, you don't remember acting any of it. Alcohol will decrease your ability to act and think. It accelerates the normal process of aging.

Red bell peppers are high in Vitamin C. We've heard many times from nutrition experts how important Vitamin C is in boosting your immune system. Drink up this tasty tomato juice. Leave the pills on the shelves where they belong, not in your precious body.

There's something awesome about fruit and vegetable juicing. You will never know the color of the juice that you're gonna get when you're done. This one happens to produce a bright red color. Feast with your eyes first... then chug it down.

Don't even bother with those vegetable juices that come from a can or bottle. The longer the shelf life is, the shorter is yours. Those canned and bottled veggie drinks are stripped off of nutrients and usually loaded with hidden salt and sugars. 

Make juicing tomatoes a habit. It's a good legit habit. If you have to be addicted to something, it has to be something good and beneficial. Right?

Your body will thank you with a great skin, good energy and vibrant health. 

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