Juicing Recipes for Weightloss - Lose the muffin top and boost the immune system.

So, do you want to lose that muffin top almost effortlessly? Well, try some vegetable juicing recipes for weightloss that you can stick with. You get a flu shot without the needle and boost your immune system as an added benefit.

There are way too many juicing recipes for weightloss out there, it's ridiculous. Some are grassy and never taste good at all. But this recipe is something you can stick with. You lose the bulge deliciously and safely.  Say goodbye to muffin top that can turn into a pound cake covering your natural curves.

Delicious Diabetic friendly juiceV-8 (Vegetable Juice Recipe: This a delicious diabetic friendly juice recipe if you are juicing for diabetes.

Be one of the healthy people who don't need a flu shot to prevent you from getting sick in the winter months! An immune boosting juice from your own kitchen is your own flu shot.

You don't need to feel the miserable symptoms delivered by the influenza virus such as fever, coughing, or even the 'got-hit-by-a-truck' body aches. Try a V-8  as your juicing recipe for weightloss and add this to your juicing diet plan.

It's delicious and diabetic friendly. It's not too sweet. You can even make it spicy if you please.

Ingredients are what you see:

Ingredients for healthy juicing.

This delicious home-made delicious booster shot from fresh vegetable juices is a great way to increase your energy and immunity and maintain a healthy weight as well.

Going to the doctor or doctor's appointments is a hassle in itself - a total waste of time. You may not agree, but there are better things to do than sit at the doctor's office, right?

Too many people getting sick these days, the waiting room is always full and doctor's offices are always booked. Most of the times you have that feverish feeling that you are nothing but just a number. Waiting at the doc's office is painful in itself.

Our immune system is compromised by everyday pollutants from the air we breath to the food we eat and by just about everything we are exposed to on a day to day basis. If our immune system is weak, we get sick. 

Best we can do is to guard ourselves and make our immune system strong so these bugs just bounce away when they come in contact up close and personal with us.

Winter is the season when you have to have a flu shot to prevent the dreaded flu. It shouldn't be that way unless you are an elderly and chronically ill with weakened defenses.

Great vegetables for easy juicing recipes for weightloss:

  • Peppers have so much Vitamin C in them as well as so many other nutrients yet to be discovered. 
  • Parsley is known to lower blood pressure, a purifier and is known to even freshen your breath too. Remember: the mouth is the extension of the stomach. Old wise folks say that death begins in the stomach.
  • Carrots are an all-time favorite. Carrots are not only rich in beta-carotene but they're also very tasty when juiced. Why do you think Bugs Bunny love it so much? It's great for eye health! 
  • Adding a lime to the vegetable juice sparks an intensely delicious flavor to your vegetable juice recipes. You can experiment on making your fresh vegetable juices according to your liking.
  • Celery is known to be a medicinal vegetable in ancient times and it's really tasty when mixed with other veggies. 
  • Tomatoes! It's lycopene bomb!

You know, every time you go to the doctor's office, they make you stick your tongue out costing you lots of money just to say: Aaaah. One single Aaaah can cost you over a hundred bucks!

Forget that!

This booster juice don't cost much. It works better than flu shot, gives you lots of energy, glowing skin and it's delicious!

Master the juicing basics and you can create your own juicing recipes for weightloss. So juice up and get a good dose of Vitamin D from the sun for a healthy immune system.

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