Juicing Kale - Does your kale juice taste grassy? Let's fix that!

What? You don't like Kale juice? Well, you might be juicing it all wrong. Juicing kale is on the spotlight these days so this sweet delicious kale juice recipe is for you. Nope, it's not grassy.

Are you juicing kale  the wrong way that it just taste and smells like you just juiced cut grass from your lawn mower? 

Juicing KaleHere's a glass of kale juice that you will actually enjoy drinking. This kale juice is a life generator that can put your morning coffee to shame. This will never taste a grassy taste in your mouth.

Juicing kale has gotten very popular these days, due to the fact that this vegetable has got the power in terms of nutrition. It's been all the rave that it has a protein content just as much as a hunk of meat. It has been claimed as the 'new beef'.

This chlorophyll rich plant has so much vitamins from calcium to protein to Vitamin K and the whole nine yards. Have you ever tried kale juice? If you did, how'd you like it? Yay or nay?

It's delicious sauteed, great as salads and of course great for juicing! So let's hop on the juice wagon and let's go get some, shall we?

Here's a way to make kale juice sweet and delicious. It's plain and simple... yet so deliciously nutritious! Here's how to make it tasty and become your morning beverage.

Some people don't like kale juice because they say it taste grassy and they just can't seem to tolerate the taste. Others just love it and they crave it everyday. 

Kale plant

Making it tasty and palatable is simple. To start, you mix it with any type of fruits that you love. If you like pineapple, add some slices to it. Apples always make any green vegetable juice tasty.

Mixing soluble fibers with insoluble fibers is the key to making a delicious basic green juice.

You know what else make this this green juice recipe tasty? Ginger and lemon makes it even better. Lime will do the same.

Oranges make green energy juice citrus'y'. Citrus fruits are a 'must add' in green juices. They enhance the flavor and they are very alkalizing to the body.

Juicing Kale
  • About 5 leaves of organic kale
  • Pineapple slices (about 1/2 of the pineapple)
  • a small piece of ginger
  • 3 oranges
  • 3 apples

Make a kale garden - No, scratch that! Just kidding.

Actually, all the kale used in these recipes are from an organic backyard garden. You don't have to worry about pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Maybe some little bugs in them, but they're better than toxic chemicals.

So here we go... seriously now.

Start with a few leaves of kale if you are just starting to juice this veggie. Some people love it but some find it grassy so start with just a few leaves until you get accustomed to the taste.

With it, juice 2 to 3 apples, a few slices of pineapples and add a small piece of ginger to give it a little zing. You can use lemon if you want. Somehow, the lemon makes most veggie juices taste better.

Squeeze a couple of oranges and add it to the juice mixture. You'll have a tall glass of kale juice that's delicious and not grassy at all. You'll get used to the taste and you'll crave for salads. 

Make sweet fruits like pineapple and apples as your base when juicing kale or any basic green juice recipe. These sweet fruits make them sweet and delicious. 

You have to ask... It's citrus'y' delicious!  Nope. It wasn't grassy at all. This stuff is very refreshing and a perfect morning beverage. It gives you the energy you need for the day.

Go and try it for yourself. 

This vegetable has been claimed as a powerhouse of nutrition but if you don't like the grassy taste of it, then what's the point? You won't be able to down it.

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