Juicing grapes fresh and organic provides a whole lot of health benefits.

We've heard it through the grapevine that red wine promotes heart health and longevity. It's really not the wine that's good for you - it's the grapes in the wine that's good for you! Try juicing grapes!

Juicing grapes allows you to enjoy a fresh drink without all the added chemicals, sweeteners and preservatives.

Straight Up fresh grape juice is an amazing beverage any time of your natural day. This stuff is full of antioxidant you wouldn't believe!

 Fresh grape juice is so much better for your health than wine if you ask me. Why? One of the excellent benefits of grape juice is consuming the nutrients known as resveratrol. Live enzymes are there when the juice is freshly pressed right off the juicer.

It's been on headlines that resveratrol is an anti-oxidant that is found in grapes helps protect the lining of the blood vessels in your heart. Claims show that flavonoids in fruits help protect our bodies from diseases and free radicals. 

We all know that grapes contain loads of vitamins and minerals. But did you know that the skin, seeds and pulp count as well? They also contain polyphenols and antioxidant compounds that help fight chronic diseases. 

  • Red grapes. That's all. Plain and simple.

Ounce for ounce, a glass of this red grape juice will make your body all happy. 

No after effect. No hangover. Just pure clear mind and instant energy that last for hours. 

There are excellent reasons why we should eat more of this juicy fruit and drink more of the nectars. Juice them with the seeds and all. If wine contains resveratrol, guess where it came from? Grapes. Eat the grapes or drink fresh grape juices acid-free. It's really that simple. 

Not that I'm against wine, but, just think. The grapes are fermented and alcohol are put in it and called it wine. All of a sudden the wine gets all the attention. Why? Because there's the alcohol that people are after. The actual grapes in it are forgotten, so let's revive this misconception. Grapes own the anti-oxidant. Not the alcohol. Okay, so I'm not a fan of alcohol, maybe you can tell by now.

Grapes have been on tables and banquet since biblical times. You see them in movies with the Kings & Queens feasting on them. Nibble on them to satisfy your beasty sugar cravings. They're packed with nutrition and they're known as anti-aging too.

Juicing grapes will help to regulate the nasty cholesterol and unclog your arteries. It lowers blood pressure and it's just sweet. A full glass of fresh grape juice a day will keep the cardiologist away for sure!

Juicing grapes is one of the easiest and best juicing recipes. Masticating juicers works best for grapes. You can juice all types of grapes to obtain a delicious glass of sweet fresh grape juices.

Grapes are available almost year round. Thank goodness for the shipping industry, we can enjoy grapes even in the winter. But as always, fruits grown locally are best. They are at their absolute best when they are in season.

Fresh grape juice is one detox juice recipe that you cannot afford not to try. As always, drink more fruits and grape juices. It really does a body good!

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