Juicing beets - supercharge your body and enhance energy. No dyes. No artificial color. Just pure natural beet color.

Juicing beets can wake up the dead cells in the body, so they say. Beets and vegetable juice is on the spotlight and should be crowned as the best energy juice and detoxifier.

Juicing beets not only makes your beverages very colorful and tasty but also makes your liver super happy. You get a blast of energy and it's a wonderful beverage that compliments any meal. Beet juice is a supercharger.

Beet Carrots Apples and Watermelon JuiceWatermelon juice with rinds and all with beet root, carrots and apples added. Deee-licious!

Nutritional experts always recommend eating a rainbow of colors from fruits and vegetables. So don't forget this colorful root! Eat them pickled too but definitely include them in your juices!

Beetroots come in different varieties. All types of this root vegetable have a nutritional punch necessary for a healthy body. They even come in a golden variety.

So yeah! Eat your pickles too. Any pickled and fermented fruits and vegetables are excellent for the gut. It enhances the intestinal flora, which is the good bacteria that keeps the insides happy and healthy.

Eat them cooked, pickled or just juice them. It's amazing how juicing beets can enhance your energy throughout the day without the aid of coffee. It's a natural energy booster and blood purifier all in one. 

Be aware though, if your urine turn pinkish, that only means that this stuff just went through your bloodstream scrubbing it all and went through your liver!

Try this un'beet'able juice combination:

NOTE: If you are diabetic, you can go easy on the sweet fruit additions.

  • 1 small Beetroot
  • Watermelon slices with rinds (about 4 or 5 slices depending on how much juice you want)
  • 5 Carrots
  • 2 Apples
  • a small piece of ginger

Nothing to it. Slice the watermelon in a way that the slices can fit the juicer. Juice them with the seeds, rinds and all. Make sure the melon is washed thoroughly if you plan on juicing the rinds too.

Cut the beetroot and apples the same way that they should fit in the mouth of the juicer.

Run them through. Don't forget the small piece of ginger to give it a little punch.

Carrots are good to go. They're shaped as if they're made to be juiced. 

Very refreshing. Beets give the watermelon juice or any vegetable & fruit combo an intense bright pink red color. This color is real as opposed to those food dyes you find listed in cartoon boxes & labels.

This recipe is a perfectly healthy breakfast recipe.

So have you ever tried juicing beets? You have got to really try it. This root vegetable makes any juice strikingly colorful.

There are different types of beets. There are the red ones, the stripy ones and the ones called sugar beets. If you can't juice them, find some good beets recipes and get cooking. 

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