Will juicing apples keep the doctor away too? 

Fresh apple juice might have been Snow White's anti-potion that the prince never thought of... besides the kiss - to wake her up from the coma from the poisoned apple the evil queen gave her. Should've tried juicing apples. 

Juicing apples is no fairy tale. Freshly squeezed juices taste sinfully delicious straight from the juicer.

There are so many apple varieties and they are all great for juicing. Whichever type you can get your hands on, juice them! Ain't nothin' like a glass of fresh juiced apples.

So, no doubt juicing apples keeps the doctor away! 

No doubt it keeps the wallet in check from medical bills that can be avoided with proper nutrition.

With proper nutrition, we are not chained to medications. The pharmaceutical guys don't own us. We are in charge of our own bodies. It's a type of freedom. 

There are So many reasons why we should drink fresh apple juice and eat the fruit. They have all the proven benefits such as:

  • Anti-cancer 
  • Prevents heart disease 
  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Keeps lungs healthy
  • The phenols in apples lower bad cholesterol
  • Contains loads of Vitamin C
  • Tastes delicious
  • Low in calories
  • A totable fruit - grab it, wash it and go with it.
  • ... and cheaper than buying animal pieces. The cost of a greasy burger and acid drink will buy you 4 lbs. of apples. 

The taste of fresh apple juice will make any sleeping beauty wake up without the kiss from Prince Charming or even today's Starbucks coffee. Should've been bad blood red apple vs. great tasting fresh apple juice and a kiss!

Why did the Prince didn't think of that?

The evil queen'y' would've never thought of apple juice as anti-potion. Evil queens usually don't know nothing. They just think they do. That would've put her evilness in a coma.

Delicious apples are the bread of life. Apples are featured in fairy tales and even in the bible as the forbidden fruit way back in the beginning of creation!

Check out this yummy beverage using apples:

Juice them with Carrots

Ingredients in this juice as shown except for the thumb size ginger.

  • Mostly apples as they're in season.
  • Carrots
  • a thumbsize ginger

Add an orange if you like.

How do you like 'dem apples? Juiced! Cut them up to fit the chute of a masticating juicer and run them through. If using a centrifugal type that has a wide mouth just drop them in. 

January through March apples are everywhere. Cameo apples, Fuji, Empire, Gala & golden apples are just a few varieties that are available to me at this time of year. You can't eat them all, so why not juice them?

Sweet and refreshing. It's another delicious blend that's perfect as a morning beverage.

Juice them as often as possible. Feed your cells. It's a healthy beverage any time of day.

Apples shown in January, February & March at my local fruit store. They're as cheap as 99 cents a pound. Apples are kept inside when the temps go below freezing. Pictured on the right is yours truly, apple shopping!

Juicing apples when this fruit is abundant is an alternate to just eating them or eating those apple pies. They make a delicious base for all juicing recipes.

They're the natural sugar & sweeter for smoothies & juices.

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