Juice Fasting Recipes for efficient detoxification, healing and a safe weight loss.

Feeling run down with no energy? Try some simple nutritional juice fasting recipes. It's a healthy way to give the digestive system a must-needed rest so the body can concentrate on healing.

A few juice fasting recipes that are simple is all you need to get you started transitioning to a better eating lifestyle. Rid the body of accumulated toxins efficiently with fresh juices that you can get hooked on. 

It is inevitable that we are exposed to environmental toxins from the food we eat to the air we breath. Juice fasting or feasting is an effective way to protect ourselves from those daily health robbers.

Juice fasting is an excellent healthy method of detoxification while flooding our body with live enzymes, vitamins and phyto-nutrients that our body needs to heal itself. 

Fresh juices from veggies and fruits are great body cleansers and hydrating beverages.

Do you want to lose weight effortlessly and keep it off. Do it deliciously with juice fasting and feasting. It's not a diet, it's changing an eating lifestyle.

As you get used to drinking juices everyday, you will crave for it and you will also crave for fruits and veggies. Your taste buds will yearn for a big bowl of salads and the crunch of juicy sweet fruits.

It's a healthy habit. Your body will love you for it.

Fasting vs. Feasting - The Difference

Fasting is when you consume fresh fruits and vegetable juices only for a specific time frame. It's been well documented that it's an effective healthy way to rid the body of accumulated toxins over the years of unhealthy eating and lifestyle.

Feasting is when you set a time frame drinking lots of these fresh fruits & vegetable juices and eating some solid or cooked healthy food. Feasting with fresh fruits and vegetable on a daily basis is a great lifestyle, don't you think?

With feasting or fasting on blended or juiced fruits and vegetables, one can achieve a pure body and mind thus giving you energy, improved sleep and clear thinking. What you eat is a big influence on the overall well-being. But, we all know that already.

Most folks that went through nutritional juice fasting claimed they have attained clear skin, increased energy and best of all, reversed high cholesterol levels and attained desirable weight.

Heck, some folks even claimed that they reversed heart disease and diabetes! 

Straight Up Carrot Juice with Ginger

Consider making some favorite juice fasting recipes and say bye-bye to insomnia, get clarity of mind and improve energy!

Who wouldn't want to lose weight deliciously without restricting and counting calories? I love to feast on real food. How about you?

The benefits if juice fasting or feasting are amazing. You get to have lots of energy because your body is able to absorb all the vitamins and minerals from all the fruits and veggies you consumed.

 "So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health." A J Reb Materi

Forget dieting for the sake of weight loss. Diets never work. Most likely, your body is full of toxins preventing you to lose weight no matter how much you starve yourself.

Try drinking juices instead and feast on!

Though in the process, you may experience short term discomfort while your body eliminates the toxins from your body. Discomfort you ask? Yes. But they don't last. It depends on how much toxins is in your body.

Consider your body like a washing machine. You are washing the dirt  off your body and the totxins are being agitated in the process. You'll feel nice, clean and refreshed after the rinse cycle.

Discomfort such as the following are likely:

  • temporary skin breakouts - the toxins gotta take an exit somewhere. 
  • temporary headache
  • temporary aches and pains

These temporary discomforts do not last long. It only means that the toxins are being eliminated from your body. if you have a lot of toxins in you, it will take a little longer to eliminate. 

If you are doing a 10 day fast, you will experience clarity of mind and superb energy on the 5th day. Your skin will be so soft and clear. Some people do a 30-60 days fast to reverse diabetes or whatever ailment they want to eliminate from their life.

However, check with your health care provider first & make sure you are supervised if you have diabetes.

My experience:

The 3rd day may be the worst day like I've experienced.

Think of your body as a washing machine. Everything get stirred up until it comes to a rinse cycle then everything comes out of the wash all clean!

Ready for a challenge? Make yourself some sweet green juice!

When I first started fruits and vegetable juicing, I attempted to do a mini juice fast. The 3rd day I couldn't move as my body rids of the toxins. I started reading about the stages of detoxification and I understood why I was experiencing discomfort.

The 5th day, I had intense clarity of mind. No more fog. I lost 5 lbs almost instantly. My skin was so clear and soft. I slept like a baby and my energy soared as if i had springs in my legs. And that's without coffee!

Though I just cannot do the process longer than 5 days. If I do, I will diminish into nothing. So I juice feast. I drink juices everyday, eat lots of fruits throughout the day and I eat a vegetarian vegan dinner.

This process works out very well for me. Life is a feast and it has been for many years. Never ever say diet. It never ever works.

You are the master of your body. Try these delicious juice fasting recipes and have a feast. 

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Melon Carrot Juice

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