Juice Cleansing Diet - Rid your body of toxins and heavy metals.

Daily exposure to environmental toxins is unavoidable. Toxins are accumulated overtime. Wanna get rid of them effectively? Go on a juice cleansing diet.

Do a juice cleansing diet with green juices. But don't let this chlorophyllish green juice scare you. Fear not. This stuff is sweet and can put your energy ablaze.  

juice cleansing diet juiceGreen juice extracts from pineapple, spinach and green apples. The spinach is a great leafy green to juice as it is mild and not grassy.

Cleansing the body with fresh juices is the best way to detox and lose the weight effectively. We've heard all the raves and enough reviews about it. 

Why starve your trillion cells with a restrictive diet when you can have live vitamins, minerals, enzymes and anti-oxidants in the form of tasty fresh pressed juices?  

Juice cleansing diet means eating the maximum amount of raw food flooding the body with live nutrients. Juices give the digestive system the needed time to rest so the body can focus on cleaning itself from toxins and repair damaged cells.

Here's a cleansing juice recipe:

Ingredients are what you see:

  • Kale
  • Celery
  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Asparagus
  • Parsley

Asparagus are known to detoxify the kidneys.

Parsley lowers the blood pressure

Kale is a super-food. A cup of Kale beats the  protein in a slab of beef.

Cut up the bigger fruits into smaller pieces so they fit into the chute of the Omega Juicer.

Feed them in. The pulp should come out dry after the juices have been extracted.

Drink the nectar immediately. The live nutrients are short-lived and oxidizes easily with air exposure.

This juice might be green but don't let it scare you. It's very refreshing!

When you do a juice fast, you only consume fresh juices. It is the process where you set a time frame; say, a 10 day juice cleanse where you consume only fresh fruits and vegetable juices.

There are times when you'll experience hunger pangs of course but it will subside. 

However, there is the process of detoxification to bear in mind. The first few days you will experience aches and pains as your body rids of the toxins. Your skin may have some breakouts, but hey, the toxins can't be eliminated through urine alone, you may eliminate them through your skin too.

All the discomforts are temporary. It will pass... keep drinking more juices.

You will notice a jump in energy after a few days (Day 5) when the body passed all the toxins out. Then, you will experience clarity of mind. Sleep will be enhanced. Best of all, it will make you crave to eat more fruits, salads and greens.

Some people do the juice detoxification process for up to 60 days, but you don't have to go to that lengthy route. Feel what's best for you. Try a 10 day juice feasting if you like, consuming lots of fresh juices.

(NoteProcessed juices from a box or bottles and jars don't count.)

This process detoxify the kidneys and specially the liver which play a vital role in the body's elimination process. Some people enhance their detoxification with a coffee enema (but I won't cover that here) to really aid the liver.

Do a juice cleansing diet at least twice a year. Your body will thank you with vibrancy and health.

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