Japanese Vegetarian Food - They're not sushi, but you will love them too!

Do you have a favorite Japanese vegetarian food? What do vegetarians eat when they travel to Japan?

Mochi is a Japanese vegetarian food. They are really tasty too! You should try some if you haven't already. If you have, then good for you! 

Japanese Mochi Snack and DessertMochi in beautiful different colors with a variety of fillings. My favorite is the one with the pickled plum filling. This mochi arrangement was bought from a supermarket in the heart of Tokyo.

Give me some Mochi for dessert and Onigiri for my ultimate vegetarian snack and I'm good. Oh yeah! I love those little triangular sticky rice wrapped in toasted nori sheets called Onigiri too.

In a country where sushi is their absolute best food, you can also find non-fish foods for non-sushi eaters. Not just vegetarian sushi (it's being laughed at) but there are a variety of foods without fish or animal flesh in them!

Anything with rice will do for me:

  • Mochi - sweet rice cake with sweet beans filling
  • Onigiri - Sushi rice with filling inside but I choose the veggie ones like the ones with the pickled plum filling.

From vegetarian desserts, to main meals you can find them in restaurants to the street markets of Japan. We went to Yokohama where there were lots of Chinese food all over the streets. Gotta tell you, they have the best vegetarian ramen I've ever had. The vegetables in them are super fresh.

I love the texture of the Japanese rice. They're all some type of sticky. They're sushi rice of course. In Filipino, they're called malagkit normally used for rice desserts such as biko. They're short grained and shiny in my opinion, they're like a party in my mouth when I eat a glob of it in between my chopsticks.

It's just yummy and wonderful. Try some 'mochi' and you shall see. This Japanese vegetarian dessert is the hits for me. They're sweet and sticky and I love them. I loved the ones that are filled with sweet beans. Beats the fattening, artery clogging, chemical laden Crispy Crème donuts.

Japanese Onigiri sold at Seven ElevenOnigiri found at a local Seven Eleven shelves

Yokohama is Chinatown at large in Tokyo and has the best Chinese Food I have ever eaten in my entire life. Of course, I have never been to China, so I can't brag about the real local Chinese food just yet. We're talking Japanese vegetarian food with Chinese flair here for now.

My ultimate favorite finger food is Onigiri. You can grab these little triangular vegetarian yums even at a Seven Eleven in Japan. How convenient is it to just grab one, pop it in your mouth and you're good to go. It's filling and the toasted nori it's wrapped in is nutritious enough.

I wouldn't call Onigiri as vegetarian junk food. It's really good!

I was told that Japan has 40% Filipino population so it makes sense that there were Filipino food there as well. Since maybe because the Philippines is only about a few hours away from Tokyo, it makes perfect sense that there are a lot of Filipino immigrants there. 

The place is packed with people shopping and hopping from one restaurant to another. It's no wonder I came across a lot of Filipino 'Siopao' there. Most of them are meat based though, so I wasn't crazy about them.

One thing that's worth mentioning was the torrential downpour in August. We couldn't climb Mt Fuji due to a typhoon. But it didn't stop us from having all the fun!

Though, what they said is stuck in my mind, that if you don't climb Mt Fuji while you're there you are doomed to go back to Japan so you can climb it. Well, that's fine with me. We shall see.

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