Indian Vegetarian Gourmet - Eaten in Japan!

You wouldn't think that Indian vegetarian gourmet food is served in Japan, do you? Well, the best I've ever eaten was in Tokyo. 

What's your idea of an Indian vegetarian gourmet food? Mine is as simple as fluffy hand-stretched Naan with all the trimmings!

Indian vegetarian gourmetPart of Indian vegetarian dish served with pride. This was eaten in Yokosuka and Yokohama. Hand-stretched Naan and vegetable dip on the side with a tasty rice dish to go with it.

Walking in a sweltering heat during the summer in Yokosuka near the U.S. Naval Base, we decided to stop by a small and secluded Indian restaurant along the way. 

I would never have thought that Indian vegetarian gourmet food are served out of India as well. The best Indian food I've eaten was in Japan and not in India. I might as well call it Japanese Chinese Indian vegetarian dish. They served it in the heart of Tokyo, Yokohama and Yokosuka Japan.

The Naan they served to us was really out of this (my) world. You may call it a vegetarian Indian fast food but it's a good nutritious one that I wouldn't mind eating all the time for the rest of my natural vegetarian life!

Thinking about the experience in that Indian restaurant, we went to Yokohama and found another one. It wasn't just vegetarian Indian fast food we ate, it was prepared all fancy and authentic.

You guessed it, we ordered the same thing and it's an exact replica of this plate we just ate in Yokosuka and so much more! How do they do that?

Yokohama is an awesome part of the country that really translates to a place just like Chinatown here in the United States. But Indian vegetarian dish in Chinatown? You bet. They really have it there and probably better!

The Indian restaurant we went to in Yokohama asked us whether we like our dip extra spicy, medium or mild. I went for the mild version and it probably wouldn't even bothered me if it was a bit spicier. The heat would've been muted by all the wholesome goodness of the dip. 

How do they do their breads? Well, you have to ask a native how it's done. We know that they're hand-stretched with their tender loving touch and possibly a secret ingredient that I'll never ever know.

All I can say is that I could eat this type of Indian flat bread everyday with or without the dip. And the rice? Oh it was a perfect accompaniment to the entire dish.

Who knew? I never thought of finding a really good Indian vegetarian dish in Japan specially in the heart of Yokohama, but now I know. Yeah. They're there. Go for it if you're in the country visiting.

Next time we visit, if we ever, I will be looking forward for some Indian vegetarian gourmet food in Japan. 

We also ate at a great Italian restaurant called Mangia-Mangia at Yokohama Minatomirai, Tokyo right on the top of the tower. Here's this video:

But why would you go to an Indian restaurant to look for Naan in a place like Chinatown, specially in Japan? It's just like looking for good old New York pizza in there, you know? But to my surprise, we ate at a really good Italian restaurant there too.

Well, the food explained it all for me. I've eaten the ultimate best authentic Indian food like Naan... well, so far. The Italian food there was excellent as well. Even Frank Sinatra's music was playing.

So you see, you can't starve on your journey as a traveling veggie. It's a delicious adventure!

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