How To Make Marinara Sauce - fresh from the garden's bounty!

Got a garden? Good for you! But what do you do with all those tomatoes? Well, here's how to make marinara sauce from scratch.

I'm an Eatarian so I learned how to make marinara sauce from summer's abundance of fresh tomatoes.

Fresh Garden Marinara SauceFresh Marinara made in the Vitamix from all the organic tomatoes harvested from the garden.

Everyone has their own version of marinara sauce. But isn't marinara comes from the word: mariner? That's what I thought. 

So here's my version of the vegetarian marinara sauce.

I enjoy making this sauce from fresh tomatoes whether it's from my own organic garden or when I score on fresh tomatoes from our favorite grocery store. 

Just about every time I get a hold of fresh tomatoes, I'd make this fresh vegetarian pasta sauce. It's cheaper and better than the dead canned tomatoes.

Here's how to make this super fresh marinara sauce from organic garden tomatoes.

  • Fresh tomatoes of course
  • Cloves of garlic, as much as you want
  • Onion
  • Fresh sprigs of oregano, thyme or whatever herbs you have
  • a pinch of Himalayan salt or sea salt

For the raw spaghetti sauce:

You would just put the quartered onion into your Vitamix. Peel your garlic and add them there too. 

Oh heck, get the sprigs of herbs and the quartered tomatoes. Give it a few whirls and your done with your raw spaghetti sauce.

You can stop here if you want to pour it on your raw zucchini noodles. This sauce is excellent for topping over your raw food creations.

How to make the cooked version:

Okay, if you want the cooked version, you take a tablespoon or two of olive oil and put that in a sauce pan.

Fry more garlic in the oil and more chopped onions if you like. It has these ingredients already when you whirled it in the blender. 

Pour the fresh raw marinara sauce into the pot and simmer until it thickens. Add a small can of organic tomato paste if you prefer to thicken the sauce up.

Add your favorite herbs and simmer until your kitchen smells wonderful. 

Marinara sauce from a can just don't cut it. They have added salts and preservatives in them. You gotta have the taste of real fresh tomatoes. It's absolutely the best you'll ever get when it comes to fresh tasting vegan vegetarian pasta sauce.

This vegan pasta sauce is great when you are on a low fat vegetarian diet. It can't get any low fat than this. There's hardly any oil used but a mere tablespoon of olive oil which is good for you, a bunch of fresh crushed garlic lots of fresh herbs from the garden and minimal amount preparation

To prepare the tomatoes, I harvest them from my own backyard, of course in the summer. I love the variety of sizes. Nature gives me all sorts sizes.

Make this tomato sauce in the  summer to last into the winter and enjoy a wonderful garden diet all year. At least you know there are no added salts and preservatives in it compared to the canned sauces.

Now that you know how to make marinara sauce the easiest way, don't let those summer tomato abundance go to waste. Make this amazing sauce already!

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