How to make juice to help you add more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

You know you don't eat enough fruits and veggies. So the best thing to do is learn how to make juice and drink more fruit and vegetable juices. 

How to make juice that you like is easier than you think. No, we don't mean pouring juices from the box or bottle into a glass. We mean fresh juices from real fruits and vegetables!

Watermelon Cantaloupe JuiceLeft-over fruit and vegetable peels that you normally throw out in the trash can be turned into a healthy beverage.

Do you know how to make juice from scraps of left-over produce? It's easy. You gotta try it and stop the waste.

This juice is gotta be a summer juice you can live with. Don't settle for those bottled or pasteurized packaged juice. Your body deserves the best. Juice on and live as radiant and colorful as a fruit. 

Drink like you give a darn and learn how to make juice from produce that you normally throw out. Don't get rid of those watermelon rinds. Run them through a juicer because they make and excellent hydrating drink.

Why waste those rinds when you can turn them into a yum in a glass? Never waste food ever again when you start making juice from kitchen scraps of vegetables from last night's cooking. They can easily be turned into a nutritious fabulous drink!

Don't worry about type of juicers to use. Use whatever you have. The goal is to get yourself used to eating raw food by drinking simple juices! This is perfect for detox juicing - a perfect fruit dessert in a glass!

This fruit juice recipe contains left-over scraps.

  • Watermelon with rinds (lots of it)
  • Left-over Broccoli Stems that normally gets tossed
  • 3-4 Apples
  • 5-6 Carrots
  • an inch of ginger for a little zing.

Decorated with a male zucchini flower for looks. 

Depending on the type of juicers you have, you can cut up the watermelon just so the pieces fit in the chute of the juicer. Use the rinds and seeds as they themselves have their own nutritional properties. 

Do the same with the apples. Carrots are easy. Nature seemed to design them to fit any juicer. Just feed them through.

Decorate with any pretty little leaf of flower you can find. This one was decorated with a zucchini flower as they're all over in the Spring time.

Some people say that seeds in apples must be removed before juicing as they contain toxin called cyanide. But reports claim that a little bit of this is actually good for the body to fight disease.

It's like drinking a fruit dessert. Very refreshing as always.

Carrots and apples always go well with most juicing recipes. They blend together just right. Fruits can be added to any green vegetables that are not palatable. Fruits make it all palatable.

How to make juice that's really tasty and not grassy:
If juicing kale, add sweet fruits like apples to green juices. Apples mask the grassy taste of the greens.

Adding a tiny bit of ginger makes a difference as well.

Don't add anything that will make the fruits bitter like the seeds of an orange or peels. 

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Let juice be thy cup of Joe! Make it your morning beverage.